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  • Nothing really. I just wanted that satisfaction that comes from having your full attention. ^_^
    Well, it's good to be back after a week, but now I have to step in. Okay, now that "dream" I am chasing, I still have lots of hope for it, and will embrace it. But still, I'm putting it aside and just want to be friends. Let's not get into this again. Anyways, how has my master been?
    I just want you to know, without these conversations I would surely go cyber-crazy.

    I wub J00
    Of course I know that, I was just playing captain obvious for a second. ^_^

    Don't you just love these little talks we have?
    BS? I assure you it's not though my Ex would surely agree with you. ^_^

    Though the third statement was correct. The US is full of them, but also filled to the brim with shallow, backstabbing women as well. A fair trade for lacking sincerity at least.
    I'm in a good mood, so you get two honest truths out of me tonight. ^_^

    Outside my jokes and amazingly calm and cool demeanor, I'm actually fairly conservative about most sexual things.

    I'm just a labyrinth of false truths and surprising details. lol
    Uh oh...A moment of honesty? Maybe
    My view of women is anything but controversial. I have mad respect for women ever since High School and those birth videos. ^_^

    Also your right, you aren't part of my dream...partly i'm sure because it's not of a sexual nature. lol

    I don't think Afghanistan is a destination for my exotic world tour I'll be taking somewhere within the next 20 years, but I'll be sure to stop by another third world country. lol
    You'll cut me? Oh no dear I believe your bluffing. Everyone knows the only thing Texan girls cut are the crusts from mens Sandwiches.

    And you may have stomped Ryudo's dream months ago, but I still have my dream and you don't know what it is. soo Nananananaaaana

    Squiggles: Bluffing ability -1000/ Place in the kitchen +500
    Elysium: Badass rating +ten million / sex appeal +10


    Edit: Thats another infraction for triple posting. I think the time from infractions is slowly passing. The time for spankings is nearing. We'll see whose above the law. :laugh:
    Oh give me a break! You can't mean THAT dream can you? I thought I stomped that one DEAD months ago. Guess some people can't take a hint can they? -_-

    As for the infraction...how dare you? I do WHAT I WANT. I am *looks over shoulder* ABOVE THE LAW YOU HEAR ME? Now don't tell the authorities I said that or I will cut you like Ryudo cuts himself and trust me you don't want that. Yeah and you better believe this is a "threat".

    ~Krystal~: Street Cred +20
    Elysium: Fear + 14003420340
    Your so sassy squiggles. ^_^

    Also, I find a lot of jokes funny. Though I hadn't heard that one before...I lol'd.

    Ryudo isn't Emo. If he was his Keyboard would be caked with blood from slit wrists.

    Your also wrong on "the dream". Your a smart girl, I'm sure you can figure it out.

    Oh and thats 1 infraction for double posting. ^_^
    1. Yes Ryudo is Emo
    2. What is this "dream" Ryudo is chasing? Being my Emo E-Pet?
    3. I was just saying what I'd be doing if I WAS Kagome even though you actually WERE implying I was like Kagome you liar. =oP
    I wasn't implying you were like Kagome...Kagome wears a really short skirt that defies Gravity, and a white button up shirt that doesn't become transparent when it's wet. This is why Kagome falls into the Nightie group. ^_^

    Also, Ryudo isn't Emo...he's just chasing a dream like a dog chasing his tail.
    T-Shirt or Nightie is subjective. Some women should go with a T-shirt, others can pull off (figuratively and literally) the Nightie. It just depends on the women, or so I think thus far.

    And don't worry Ryudo...we all know how Kagome feels about InuYasha...it's only a matter of time....before she goes back to her world. lol
    You know what? You Rock. lol

    When can we expect a release date for the book? I need to send you some of my "sexy" pictures for the cover. Sex appeal sells when your a celebrity. ^_^

    And Poor Ryudo is already on a leash? I guess it's only a matter of time before Pink fuzzy Handcuffs and a leather bondage masks are used.

    I think you have to admit you have a problem Veronica.
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