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  • Well, I personally hope your book sells well...but who are we kidding? Of course it will sell well because I'm just that **** awesome. Next...I'm pretty sure you don't remember my name but you have so many different varieties already. E, Ely, Elysium, Sexy...who needs my real name anyway right? I'm glad you like my *jokes*, I'll be sure to keep going that extra mile just for you! *points*

    Oh and you should really tell Ryudo to stop sneaking up behind you like that when your on the computer...he might catch you looking at P0rnZ. ^_^
    Hey...how did you know I lived in Arizona, Stalker. And I'm not a perv, it's an appreciation of the female body, and the desire for someone to make me a sandwich on command. ^_^ Since my inopportune banning from BC I figured I would come and catch up with all my favorite people from Smashboards...SURPRISE your one of them! *claps*
    It gets stale at times, but it's doing well ^_^...like I told E, we had to ban Dweller (he was starting to make threats)...we've had some arguments, too, but it happens :rolleyes:...but yeah, things are going pretty well on H4x0RZ overall...
    Ah...yeah, things have been a little slow after graduation...but I've got some big plans over the summer, soooo, yeah, things are gonna pick up, hopefully...
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