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  • They are working on it. They just remade the forums, from phbb to vBulletin. Kinda similar to here now.
    Nothing much Playa! Just enjoying my day off from work.

    So Squiggles is keeping you on a short leash huh? ^_^
    I don't know if it that, giving someone a friend code isn't really *that* big of a deal...well at least it's not to me. Strange though. Well keep trying, one of these days you'll get it. ^_^
    Yea...I know. But when she responded before locking it, she quoted the original post instead of the one where I gave all the evidence for every claim. I don't know, or care much about it anymore. It's in the past. So how long have you been trying to get ~'s FC?
    Yep, banned for a spam thread at BC. It was way funny, but the mods didn't think so. Even IsmaR was against me on it...but I think she's changed a little since she became a mod, but whatever. BC was getting old real fast. Smashboards on the other hand..much better. ^_^
    I got your sig done:


    Whatcha think? And since you requested, do you want acces to the hangout hut?
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