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  • Uhh....lol?

    If your ban has been lifted from BC you can chat with me all you like tiger. *Rawr*

    I'm thinking of leaving this site 4ever.
    Ok, I never said you couldn't think about sex and I can see why you're such a big fan of that singer. She is simply amazing. I can't believe I confused that siren with Jar Jar Binks.
    Doing your Jar Jar Binks impression? Mesa not amused. Pull your mind away from Sci-fi for a few secs Andrew or else your brain is going to melt away.
    There are plenty of shallow, backstabbing men as well. Slime on both sides. Don't try to say otherwise. You know better.
    Haven't I seen this BS before? ^_^

    Maybe you don't need to go to a third world country afterall. Theres plenty of guys here in the US who can fake sincerity. ^_^
    Elysium has a dream thats not related to sexual activity? Somebody contact the press! This is the scoop of the century. =o)
    You got me. I don't know what your dream is, but then again, I probably was never part of it and pestered heavily because of it. -_-

    Hey look at my place in the kitchen rating. For a second there I almost thought women had rights. Silly me. Its not like I live in America or anything. ^_^

    I think the one who should be and has been receiving the spankings is you my friend. Of course, your spankings are the ones that are reversed. Hand to face versus hand to ***. God bless Andrew. I really hope you'll find someone who shares the same controversial view of women as you, but chances are you'll have to travel to a third world country to do that. Most likely Afghanistan.
    Oh give me a break! You can't mean THAT dream can you? I thought I stomped that one DEAD months ago. Guess some people can't take a hint can they? -_-

    As for the infraction...how dare you? I do WHAT I WANT. I am *looks over shoulder* ABOVE THE LAW YOU HEAR ME? Now don't tell the authorities I said that or I will cut you like Ryudo cuts himself and trust me you don't want that. Yeah and you better believe this is a "threat".

    ~Krystal~: Street Cred +20
    Elysium: Fear +14003420340

    Elysium, this is a joke I'm sure you'll love.

    Why do women get married in white?
    So they match the kitchen appliances!
    If I'm Kagome, I've already returned to my world and have forgotten about InuYasha and you won't find me coming back to marry him either. Seriously, I'm a fun loving person and all, but even I have my limits. =o)
    The only people who have problems are the ones that allow themselves to be my slave. The people who have severe mental problems are the ones who beg me to make them my slave.

    Speaking of unhealthy obsessions, have you finally figured out which is better? Nightie or T-shirt? :chuckle:
    Like I said on the post right below, I decided on Zelda/Shiek as a main.

    I've been pretty good... way too busy with work and college to play brawl enough and, right now, my wii is in the shop so I can't play anyway... all things considered though, I'm doing quite well
    Sadness that there's no krystal right?

    who did you pick up instead? I picked up Zelda/Shiek with Link, PT and Sonic as secondaries

    Celebrity info my friend and you're one of the biggest stars on the internet. This book well sell like cRaZy know what I'm sayin?

    You know what Andrew? I think you're right. I just may have to put Ryudo on a leash, oh wait, hes already on one.
    First off, I know everything about you Elysium and I'm having a FIELD day getting all this good stuff down for a book I'll be releasing next year. I'll let you guess what the title is going to be. Secondly, I didn't know you were a sexist AND a perv. See Elysium, this is why I like you so much. Always willing to go the extra mile to offend everyone with your INAPPROPRIATE *circles word* jokes. Lastly, I'm one of your favorite people on SWF?! Will you add me to your fav five? Please say yes.

    Well I'll be going now, but before I leave, I thought it would be kind of cool to give some of Big E's fans out there a sneak peek of my book thats hitting shelves.

    Ahem! *Reads page* "Elysium wet the bed until he was.....
    *~'s is pulled away from computer by mysterious figure*
    It's fine though, I haven't played Brawl for about a month. Anyways, if you need me, just give me a holler.
    For a while, but "Squiggles" just won't give to me. She's either scared or just doesn't trust me. And I have a huge feeling that it's the second category. Ah, but she would grenade spam anyways. So I'm not too worried about it.
    Ah...well dang...nyeh, I guess staff members tend to feel like they can break their own rules...*shrugs*...

    Anyway, I need to go clean the house (or at least try >.>), so I'll talk to ya later ^_^...

    Hm, I wonder if we should try and get the ol' TRS on H4x0RZ...it'd be kinda cool to see the group together again...
    Yeah...I'm surprised the mods on BC couldn't have had a better sense of humor with that...wait...PERMAbanned? My God...Klown too? That does sound a little harsh...
    Got banned? For that thing with Klown? Oh, that was epic XD...

    And yeah, H4x0RZ is doin' pretty well...a tad stale at times, but pretty well overall...though we did have to ban Puck/Dweller...*cheers*...
    Oh, hey E ^_^...long time no see...

    I'm doing pretty well...what's up with you?
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