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  • Your Pokemon team has been approved but unfortunately, we cannot accept your battle against Chibo since it was not approved beforehand.
    Actually I have to go now. Can we schedule our match for around 7 P.M. Central tomorrow? We could schedule it for later than that if you want, but not earlier.

    Also, sorry your trip was so horrible!
    Okay. Just a heads up though that I have gymnastics every day from 6:30 until 10:30 and I have HW to do before that so it might be a bit difficult to get our match in. We'll just have to set up a time to do our matches.
    When do you want to do our match? I'd like to try to get it done before 5 P.M. Central today (4 hours from now).
    I made an RMT in the Battle Tower subforum.

    It'd be nice if you could go look at it.

    Pictures will be up soon.
    I'm a ****ing stalker and found your skype profile.

    Sign on and accept contact info so I can add you to the Poke Center Skype Chat.
    I'd just like to point out for future reference that I enjoy stallish teams more than other teams unless im using an allout hardcore offense team. Like abusing perma rain from a sepcs politoed with kingdra, kabutops, that sea turtle thing, Special attacking vappy, and qwilfish.

    BUT, you mentioned running Payback on forry to use against the likes of Espeon and Xatu. Any person stupid enough to use Xatu should be easy enough to beat, but im pretty sure a gyroball from forry against an Espy will do more good. I have been using gyro ball and it can net a 2HKO on espy.
    I was thinking a different wish passer than Vappy. Such as Jirachi.
    He gives me that steel type that I want, wishes, and can utilize Ice punch.

    I was definitely going to use a restalk set on spiritomb. Its just built for stalling.

    Do you think it would be worth having a Cleric on a stall team in the first place?

    So the last slot would preferably be something that gives my team speed. Ugh Scarf Jirachi is wonderful.

    Okay. If I keep Blissey as a cleric(do i need to) then I need i'd enjoy Vaporeons wish passing. Which leaves me with Jirachi to be my trick absorber and dragon killer.

    So if everything stays the same Jirachi will be in that last slot.

    BUT if it changes to where I dont need a cleric than vaporeon wont be needed to wish pass which leaves me with an open slot...

    Do i need a cleric?
    Okay. I need your suggestion/help on something.

    I have ONE SLOT left. For a pokemon that can switch into an Outrage..KILL/Phaze out AND deal with Technician Breloom.

    Any ideas?

    Right now Im looking at (as a team):

    Forry- Rapid Spin, Toxic S, Spikes, Stealth Rock
    Blissey- Aromatherapy, Softboiled, Toxic, SeismicToss
    Spiritomb/Dusknoir(which do you think is better)-moveset depends on poke
    Hippowdon- Phys Def- Slack Off, Roar, EQ, Ice Fang
    Vaporeon- Wish, Protect, Boil Over, Roar

    Help pl0x? Or should I just make an RMT and let the Pokemasters out there tear me up.
    I got unmodded cus my user title was MLG Sucks and apparently MLG_JV is a huge fan of overreacting and acting like a child.
    What would a difference be between having power rankings and having a leaderboard / ladder? If I can sort things out I can start this tonight. :3
    Just letting you know that I'm currently on CAP, so if you can get on, please do so we can finish our matches.
    Alright, I'm free for the next few days thanks to Thanksgiving, so I can play whenever. Just PM me or something to let me know when you want to play.
    Kirbyraeg, as odd as this sounds im going down to Irvine to visit Sweetxignorance Julian this weekend with Sheen, you should come play pokemon/melee with us.
    Hey, when can you battle? I won't be able to battle until Friday night, since I have a huge project for school that I need to get done.
    Hey, you're one of the top nominees at the moment for Battle Of The Week 9 [UU]!
    You haven't been around so I wanted to check in with you.
    Hey Kirby, I just tried out your Physical leadZelf, and I love it!

    Would you mind if I used it in a team that I'm making?
    I regret to inform you that your vote will not be tallied UNLESS you read the directions and follow them correctly. Sorry for pestering you but I thought it would only be fair. Thanks for voting though! =D
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