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Kawaii Poyo
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  • Honestly i really didn't know you were still banned. There was no message that popped up that said you were even banned. I was just talking **** on the mic. Not using the computer
    Heh. My parents need to take me, first of all, and secondly, I can't find any nearby tournaments...

    Oh, and I'm reconsidering maining Lucario... nah, I'll stick with Kirby :p
    I didn't block you poyo lol

    and make an AIM account so I don't have to message you over youtube and the boards
    easy poyo

    make new one then put your password in text document and save it.. lol

    cuz you always on computer anyway, so why not get AIM so you can talk with peeps
    Alright buddy, the videos are uploading onto youtube as we speak. Hope you like them. I can't send the raw footage over Wifi.. my Wii isn't connecting online for some reason. :-\ Sorry.
    So I got the sound to work and I'm about to upload the vids.. but I have one problem. I can't put the Video of the Crowd on? It's in Quicktime format and it won't load into Windows Movie Maker. Can you do something about this?
    dude poyo, good job with the mm
    i gotta say though, don't be so quick to wager big money like that
    $40 is still a lot of money and it could have ended quite poorly for you
    i dunno, just be more careful about that stuff in the future man
    good job with the win though
    Yeah I can't record sound man, so I may have to add audio so it won't be boring to watch. Don't worry it will be good audio.

    The video will be up sometime today. :)

    I have a lot of uploads to do. :/
    Mm. I don't know when I could go to one. If I do, however, I'd probably do singles. If we did team, though, I would use Lucario, since two Kirbies would be boring to watch, lol.
    yo poyo you who do you think the worst matchup is for kirby i think i might try to main him.
    y is everyone hating on me it not my fault about that stupid tourny.....i juss tried to throw a tourny not to be hating by everyone
    Who cares if hes banned <_< He deserves it (No poyo don't respond to this with a MM)
    Poyo you toooooooo goodz fav smasher

    got to BMX's tourney we need your trash talk

    and effffff that falco03 (lie) guy mm him and take his only 50 dollars
    poyp i juss got on now and im not hiding from no one ur the biggest scrub around here......mm me for 50
    poyo do u think u culd help me with getting texture hacks and b+ on my wii? i already have homebrew....but im lost on how to get everythin on my wii x_x. plus im on a new comp and i dont have the ocorina program thing. so think u culd help me??
    well im sorry man
    i'll just keep my eyes peeled for another doubles partner then :(
    anytime you wanna team for anything, im down
    nevermind then lol
    btw, do you wanna get in some wifi practice before the tourny, maybe this weekend sometime?
    i lost my copy of brawl like a month ago but i think i can borrow someone's to practice
    by any chance, are you on your high school's academic team?
    i remember playing a team a while ago and i think you may have been on it
    i dunno, just came to mind all of a sudden :)
    so, just to clarify, are we doing doubles at the gamepad tourny and are you paying for me as well?
    like everyone, im short on cash haha
    i can try to scrounge up enough to pay for myself but i cant guarantee i'll have it all
    My, my. According to your visitors, you are still way over-obsessed. Hopefully you aren't as obsessed as the kid who got his Halo 3 taken away. Or that kid who killed himself 'cause his WoW account was hacked. Honestly.
    Theoretically, you can hack the music if the game, so the sounds should work the same. Learn one and you learn the other.
    He's not really suicidal.
    Poyo stop offending people. At least stop making it public.

    Your dad makes good food.
    Yeah I was just reading Chu's thread...

    Don't go suicidal. Nothing good will come from it. Plus missing some videogame tourney is NOT the end of the world and it's definitely NOT worth going suicidal over it.

    I can tell you have a great dedication to the game. But no need to become obsessed with it. It's a videogame after all. Not a big deal. Be glad you have such a great thread to go to when you want to go to a tourney. I get to go to tourneys for Melee like every 3 months. There is finally one comming up this Saturday, HUGE for my area, but if I don't get to got it won't be the end of the world. There will be more tourneys just like it. Right now you should listen to the people in your life and Chu's thread. Even though some of them might find you annoying, they don't wanna see you do something so self destructive.

    You have great dedication. But great dedication comes with great sacrifices. There will miss some great tourneys. But you will also be able to attend some all in time.
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