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  • I was done myself haha. I can't afford to get in too much trouble after all lol.

    And yeah I understand, it's all in good fun. =)
    Theres a girl in Charlotte that has a similar name that post a lot. Figured you guys were the same person.
    I got called Kaila at the Syracuse tourney on Saturday too. ;;

    We might as well fuse and become one player lol. I repped us well tho!
    Lol I am furiousss.

    But the only reason u even stated that is because...
    You're just mad!!
    Meh, mine aren't much better, mostly because I refuse to camp and end up rushing into everything.

    Are you in north or south Jersey? We should meet up and practice sometime. I <3 meeting other serious female Smashers...... so many girls are in it just to be eye candy, which irritates the **** out of me.
    Madd late, but yeah, I remember that..... that was Matt (a.k.a. MIB) lol.

    People always mistake me for you when results go up..... x.x I guess Kaila/KayLo! look kind of alike.....? Plus we both play Pika. ;;
    I didn't know you were in the same region!

    Next time you see me, definitely say hi, lol. I was pissed that day, but I don't bite, I promise. =X
    Hey fun times were had @ Bum's hopefully we can bump into each other again in the future! I think you're pretty cool :D!
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