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  • You know what actually happened at CoT4?

    The police were just freaking out. They saw all the biggest pros. They got a glimpse of the live stream. And they couldn't handle it. They started freaking out.
    Melee1 ended up taking 3 stocks off altogether. Zac got him early on his last stock with a 9 judgment.

    So, speaking in terms of kills and deaths, I actually had the best stats of the crew. And yes, I'm bragging about something I really don't have much a right to brag about.
    good wifi games. very little lag. i havent played very much since pbt #6 and seeing how bad you owned me maybe i shouldn't go to #8 until im back to normal :D in those games i notice 40% of my overall damage comes from off stage. dk is too good at ledge guarding. also its during the second stock where you always seem to widen the gap... dk has some crazy priority over my moves which i keep forgetting and insanely fast start up times for attacks... anyway ggs maybe i will see you saturday. peace
    Well other people from dallas are coming to this maybe you can try and hitch a ride with them. It's actually pretty far from me too about 8 hours actually. I doubt I can go to that other tournaments as we only go out of town about once every 2 months.
    Hey have you considered going to FS5 yet? I'm rturitoburtp from gamesradar if you don't remember me or Arturito_Burrito from AiB.
    Your DK is sick. Thanks for the DK-D3 games at PBT. Hopefully, I'll give you a better game next time.
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