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  • Yea same here, most likely I can go next week.

    I need alot of in game experience, and doing that on wifi is hard lol
    Hey do you live near Pioneer Rd?

    I was hoping to try and go to the smashfests at Zac's, but I aint got no ride :/
    The problem is that my mom doesn't like random people coming over here very much lol. Thats why I suggested game trade.
    I practice with my friends at UTD. But, I've had people come chill and play before. None of them could keep up with me so they haven't returned lol. You busy now? Can you not have people over?
    I'd love to but I kinda have college work to do, as well as study for a math thursday. You live in mesquite too? We should try meeting up at Game Trade!
    Hey you're the same Ice I've met before right? I just wanted to say thanks for helping me learn how to deal with certain situations in a match. Theres still the experience I just need now :)

    This site is pretty beasty. Just go to "MHF2/UNITE Wiki" on the right side and look at what you have to. Ranking up is in the middle. There's a carving list and really good armor lists.

    I thought about the Monoblos heart thing, you might not be farming a high enough level Monoblos. I mean, You can't even get Rathalos Rubys until you get to HR6 or the last row of Solo quests. The Monoblos Heart is probably in those same set of quests.
    hey everybody brawl shindig at my house today.

    let me know if you are interested in coming...

    address: 797 s old orchard ln. lewisville Tx, 75067
    My Cell: (541) 390-7781

    ps it starts at 4 o'clock

    one rule as of now when you come find an uncovered parking spot, Do NOT!! park in covered parking or your car will get towed.
    Are you riding with me or Katie? Katie's not staying at a hotel and she's leaving earlier and Fogo and Sethlon and Shuz are with her.
    Heyy I'm not going to be able to make it to Jinx's place due to some uh <.< unforeseen circumstances. So thanks for offering me a ride, but I won't need it anymore. So... yeah ;-;
    I pm'd yuo my new number, I just dont have that phone with me right now
    Did you still need a ride to hobo? Me and infinity have a spot in our carpool, but I don't know how long it'll be open for =\
    Unfortunately I'm not going. We definitely have to give teaming a shot sometime though, b/c we work really well together.
    Hey I don't have access to AIM right now, so I'll ask you here. LUIGI'S got added to CP stage in a tourney I'm going tomorrow (local) and I don't know jack about that stage, and Broly (the Marth main from here) said he is CP'ing me there for sure and I'm still banning brinstar or he'll **** me there so he knows he can go Luigi's.

    My question, what the heck can Snake do on Luigi's? haha It's such a terrible stage.
    I've played at a few different places but that was oh... I want to say 2004 and before. I know Grapevine has a really awesome field that I've always wanted to play at. They have this whole Downed Aircraft thing in the woods or whatever... Kinda reminds me of Dead Air in Left 4 Dead. Haha. Only, you know, zombies with guns. :p
    Oh team vs team most definitely. I'm pretty good at capture the flag cause I love sharpshooting so I can sit in a tower and pick people off. Although I've never been a fan of that inflatable stuff. I like in the woods or the actual wooden arenas.
    Do you seriously wanna go paintballing? Cause I seriously wouldn't mind getting a group and going.
    You better be going to SWAT. Cuz we didn't get to do friendlies last time Dallas came to Angelo, only teams.
    I don't know who the hell Zack is, but I have school tonight. You can message me on AIM and we'll make our first games online MM, if you'd like.
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