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  • we have to fight for the survivor tourney, we will tommorow sometime after 3:00pm east if thats fine with you, but not today
    Ready for those friendlies yet?

    I like playing people who rank good in irl tourneys. A6M Zero got beat by my Yoshi a few times. Lol
    oh haha yeah Peach is too good. That's why I main her xD

    And it's ok. Delfino gave me more of a chance than any neutral would, and I still lost lol
    I love Delfino too
    GG's, I didn't know you used Peach, or do you just use every character lol

    And what was with Delfino as a starter lol
    I wish I didn't get caught while the platform was rising in the end, but whatever....
    It was fun I guess lol
    omg, screw this. I can't believe you left right before I posted D=

    Oh, I see you're on.

    I guess we can do our match now.....

    I haven't practiced yet, but..... I see no point xD
    Alright, I play you next for the Grand OTL tourney

    Winner goes into the top 32 lol

    Let me know when you can play

    Saturday before 8PM EST might be best for me
    Hey there. There is a way to copy a torrent and burn it to a CD and play it on the Wii. That's the way I did it :).

    First of all, Wii versions 3.3 and 3.2 work best for homebrew, however, (if sources are correct), 3.4 WILL work for Tatsunoko vs capcom.

    Download the Twilight Hack and Homebrew Channel files according to the Wii's version. There's lots of tutorials on youtube :).

    Then you can do the next part two different ways:

    Either get the Homebrew Browser program onto your SD card, or you can manually get GeckOS. BTW if you use a copied version, you will need to get the WiiGator's Back Up Loader. The Homebrew Browser program simply does this: you go to the homebrew channel, then, instead of having to move programs from ur comp to ur SD card, if your wii has internet, you can just click on the programs you want and it will download them for you, so you don't have to do all that copying and unzipping on the computer.

    Msg me if you have already got the game working or not, cus I don't know whether you're still looking for help :) I'll send a couple of the tutorials that i used that I thought were very good if you want.
    nice sig. Are you a Steelers or Cardinals fan XD

    I'm neither, but I thought that was lame
    Yeah I'm facing you in that team thing =D
    I just online to see your message too

    ok my cp will be Pokemon Stadium 1 and ant starter stage is fine for the first match

    Here's my FC: 3995-8553-8766

    I'll host =D
    lets have em separate, i mean its only three extra matches, i should be able to do 11, if u can end up doing earlier then msg me
    hey im ur opponent in the JLT4GOV Trick Box tourney. let me know when u r ready
    Yeah, I was. I was the one you were pwning... like a lot. If you could give me some tips next time we play that'd be cool.
    You sir, have a crazy Snake. I would very much like to play you some more. I still have a bit to learn if you wouldn't mind giving me some tips.
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