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  • Hey, what do the astericks on your matchup chart mean? I notice some matchup ratios had " * " beside them and others didn't.


    -K 2
    I knew how hard it was and exploited it xD

    Normally don't do that in friendlies, especially WiFi ones =p but I wanted to see if you could get around it, and watch how you did..... that way I could get around it when Dryn does it to me xD

    Turns out I didn't learn anything, rofl
    eh, we had some lag here and there.

    And Samus vs Ganon is screwed over.... lol its just one sided as you saw.. >.>
    okay, added. I'll wait for you to host.

    ps: I hate Snake Dittos -.- but we can do them if you like.
    yeah his pika is godly...its amazing you almost beat it! lol I didnt know NoJ couldnt beat him. I'm a g&w player also, and know who's good and all. IMO cosmo is better with g&w than NoJ. I see vidjo consistenly ****** NoJ too though..
    your snake match up thread is god tier..but anyways have you ever faced anther's pika?
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