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  • lol

    I mean, there's room in the carpool for you if you check the facebook group
    You'd just have to work on your parents
    J I kinda want to see you edit in like who will be in what rooms for Apex man. If you can do that... I don't know how else to have some like CONFIRMED list you know lol. I would make a separate thread but I don't want to clog dgames. Peaches
    Haha yeah we developed it a while ago (when people were having like a hardcore taco bell discussion in the social thread) but I also definitely want to develop a game of my own to run as well, eventually.

    Yeah, and I think with Gaga it's easy for people to find something they really relate to in a song, even if it's not the most popular song on the album or the one that garners the most critical acclaim.
    Really?? I love all those songs, really "Bad Kids" is one of my favorites and I definitely have an attachment to that song.

    Ah I can't do Ran's small, I'm actually helping him co-mod it and I helped him develop them roles/set-up lol, but maybe the next small that comes along :)
    Lol I wish that "Electric Chapel" could be a single, I love that song but I just don't see it fitting into what else is being played on pop radio nowadays.

    Yes we really do!!! We will have to find a good game to hydra in :)
    Thank god you agree about Drake lol!!

    I think that Gaga really wants Americano to be a single, it's been in a lot of tv shows/commercials/movies but I'm not sure it's picked up the momentum it needs to be a single. I could actually see "Fashion of His Love" as a single, but then again she's surprised me...I never thought "Judas" or "Marry the Night" would be singles and they were, so I'm very bad at predicting the Gaga.
    I really can't stand artists like Drake :( Idk how you feel about him but I just feel like he doesn't add anything new to the music industry.

    Lol I love Carly Rae Jepsen but when I saw her live...she was alright, but she was kind of...mild, like her voice was really soft and she couldn't dominate the stage. They had her singing and then a recording of Owl City's part of "Good Time" they played, and I could hear Owl City's part much better than her and she was right there lol!!

    Ahhhhh I need more Gaga, she's working on ARTPOP right now so hopefully we can expect fantastic things soon.
    Lol well Britney has so much experience and she's lived through the glamour and perks of fame as well as witnessed the dark, cruel side of being in the spotlight, so she can give these people a harsh but fair understanding of what they will and might face in the music industry. Yay, the good old days of Britney, Christina, Smash Mouth, boy bands...good times, good times :)
    I'm listening to "Baby One More Time" right now lol. But I definitely want to watch her on the X Factor; I honestly only ever watched Season 1 of American Idol and then I feel away from the musical talent shows, but I love Britney and want to see her on there so I deff might watch it. I also want to check out The Voice because it seems like a really unique idea (And I love Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine <3)
    I loooove Britney Spears. I honestly love old Britney's music a lot better than new Britney (songs like "Til the World Ends", "I Wanna Go" and "Hold It Against Me" are all really good, but they all sound alike to me), but I absolutely love her and admire her for making the comeback that she did. There have been a lot of artists who hit lows and never make a comeback or never reclaim their place in pop culture, but she's done just that and I think that the process of watching her fall and pick herself up by the bootstraps to make a comeback has really endeared her to people as more than just artist. Like I genuinely think that people who like music or are interested in pop culture like seeing Britney Spears success and are rooting for her as a person and not just a musician, which is really nice :)
    Haha I was rootin for either of them.

    Did you get my text? The Jury was so salty from being blind sided by Dan. It was mad annoying. They don't realize that it's a game of deception. If you have moral concerns about the way the game is played, then don't play! Especially Frank man.
    Actually will you be on skype later tonight? I'm being pulled over to my friends room to watch a movie atm
    Lol I definitely understand that, my roommate feels the same way so all the limeades belong to me muhahaha :D

    YAY congrats!!!!! Sure, I'll be able to get on skype soon, just finishing up some cleaning around my room atm but at most I'll be on in about a half an hour.
    Right?! I have a variety pack of original, black cherry, cranberry, and mike's hard limeade, they all make me so happy because they are so delicious :D
    Dear Pen Pal,

    Ahhh it's been forever since I've posted here, so much to catch up on!!

    It sounds like you are all settled in which is wonderful, and at the point you wrote your last message you hadn't started college yet...obviously I need full details now, even though I'm sure you are doing fantastic because you have a wonderful personality that will attract many friends and opportunities.

    Work was difficult but now that I'm back in school I actually kind of miss it, I still keep in touch with a lot of the people I got close to at work so that's really good :)

    I'm sorry about the other plays buuuuut I happened to see on facebook that you got a role in your college's fall play so CONGRATS!!!! How excited are you to be in your first college play???

    Oh my god the Mixtape Festival was fantastic, I'm still listening to the Wanted and Kelly Clarkson all the damn time lol.

    We deff need to talk on skype or aim sometime, which is actually my fault we haven't because I'm never on those forms of communication anymore, but I'll try harder to get on there so we can talk about stuff that is slightly less appropriate for VMs.

    Hahaha I don't hate you, I've actually been really torn over whether to read 50 Shades of Grey or not. My one friend said that it wasn't that kinky (which makes me question what she considers kinky because I haven't heard that from anyone else) and my other friend said it's really good if you read it like a diary but it's not good literature. But that repetition and the bad grammar...and fervent eyes...I couldn't do it, I'd whack my head into a wall lol.

    Yes I think I've definitely decided to go to Apex <3 Mostly because I HAVE to meet you if you are this close to Philly!!!! But I'm super excited to meet DGamers in person so I'm sure it will be a fantastic time.

    It sounds like you used your free time wisely! I'll have to check that anime out.

    As for me, I'm back in Philly and I'm now into my senior year of college annnnnd I love it but I'm so nervous lol, after this I'm going to be thrust into real life and I'm definitely not ready for that!! My classes this year are spectacular; I'm currently procrastinating on a presentation I have tomorrow on "The Flapper and Gender Norms in the 1920s" for my Queer Desire, Identity, Practice class. My other classes are Witchcraft & Superstition, Greek & Roman Magic (65% of our grade is actually performing Greek and Roman spells in a lab which is craaaazy but awesome), Gender & Society, and Who Get's Elected and Why (with the former governor of my state). So right now I'm loving my classes!!

    I turned 21 almost two weeks ago now, it was fabulous!! Although I think I'm good on celebrating and drinking for a looong time, it turns out that going to bars is hella expensive. Anyways, that's about it that's new with me, mostly school has been occupying my time.

    Now time for you to catch me up on how you are doing again, I'm expecting full details of how you've been doing these past couple weeks!!

    ~July <3

    one of the greatest shows ever

    i've been listening to the soundtrack basically non-stop for the past two weeks
    Hi J. Any tips/experiences on voice acting and stuff? I thought you'd have some experience in this [acting wise] : D (I want to try some ametuer voice acting cuz it'll be fun)
    Just watched yesterday's episode. Haha greatness. I feel kind of bad for Frank, but man.

    Now all they need to do is get Shane out of the house. Gosh that dude -_-
    Jenn right?

    At this point I'm probably rooting for Dan or Ian. Heck I just want to see some more awesome game play. I generally root for whoever makes the biggest/most strategic moves. So far I've seen that most from both Dan and Ian. Shane is Weeeeeeeeeeeeeak.
    Ha alrighty! Gosh all I know is that Dan is such a good player! We should sign up for next season.
    I haven't watched it yet! I always have to wait the next day for it to come on Xfinity since I don't have a TV here.

    Did Frank go!?!?!?!
    odd position to be in. im the younger one in my group of friends/classmates since, like, ever
    just saying
    because I just remembered

    anyway, remember that 3 player game with me / omni / x1 where I said I didn't read my PM? I did, but, eh, I lied to you because I needed to keep the lie up.

    it is a pretty **** move though :awesome:
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