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  • Mannnnnnnnnnnnn I just finished Trials and Tribulations. After finishing Justice for All. After finishing Ace Attorney. And now I'm playing Apollo Justice. Anytime I see a lot of the characters I think of you and your gifs, and I'm like "I've seen that character before!"

    These games are so freaking good. But Apollo Justice is weirding me out. Does it end up having a good story after all? I've only finished the first case so far. And is the Edgeworth game good? And are your photobucket albums public?! It would be cool to have access to them in my next mafia game >:3
    And nice profile picture ;_;
    Hey would you be able to post some updates on the v3 MU chart thread in terms of what's being discussed? Just curious, understandable if you're too busy. It'd just be nice to see what's going on and what we're thinking of changing. Which, btw, what ARE we thinking of changing? :o
    Hey when it comes to the subforum discussions for MU chart v3, will the general community be able to see the thread/what you guys are talking about? I'd love to see you guys debate together! :D
    Lucas thread is dead. Mind reviving a bit? I'll also let Ryukario know to help you out.

    Also, I know i'm late but happy birthday dude! ^^
    Oh damn did I miss J's birthday?? Happy birthday duder, have an awesome one :chuckle:. Where you been anyway??
    Did you get my PM? I'm planning on moving forward this weekend and this is the last thing we need to take care of before doing so :x
    New York fans can really piss me off sometimes. They can be pretty douchey and I know this because I'm from around the area. I was definitely on the Tim Tebow train and the Broncos getting Peyton makes them so good. It's not the Colts time. Give Andy Luck some years of experience and he'll do fine. A lot of my family is from around Baltimore. Lol @ Washington. They have RG3 who's amazing but the rest of the team isn't up to par.

    I also hate the Patriots (super salty from last year). The only bright side about them is that I have Gronkowski and Ridley on my fantasy team and they are both doing work.
    I'm a Ravens fan. By default I dislike the Steelers. Simple as that bro. Are you a fan of some AFC South team?
    Looks like a puff MU thread will be going up soon. I'm sure Lucas mains will enjoy this one seeing as it's one of the few MU's that's actually in our favour. :p
    I just wanted to let you know I'm doing a project in my Gender & Society class on Nicki Minaj lol
    Hey, did you watch X-Factor last night?

    What did you think of the groups they threw together? I was like this isn't gonna work, but was actually surprised about how well they did together.
    Wellll I done ****ed up.

    Dad's not ok with me going. Don't have a car thats my own yet, and he doesn't trust me using his.
    Oct 16th maaaan. Thats the day I get a car, and get my own life~

    Have fun I guess. =/ I'm sure we'll be able to sometime.
    I personally think quicktopic works best, just because that's something we can store away posts in, and it's something I would remember to check often. We can use Skype for more unique, time-sensitive matters if we think we need to (The only time I Skype'd in ERB mafia, for example, was to coordinate an alpha strike with Kata at the very end).

    So yeah, if you don't mind us just sticking to a QT for the basic stuff and flipping to Skype if and when we think we need to, then that works for me. I don't think there will be too many moments in which we'll need to be talking to each other on a super immediate basis.
    Hay Jay~

    Mm I should be able to go. Sis said she miiiight need some help watching her kids. She just had twins a couple of weeks ago~ <3 But I think her hubbys got it covered.

    Man, this is like, my first smashfest thats not a tourney. No probs. I'm gonna match every person there if I can~ I'll probably be the dude in the Rainbow colored Beanie. =w=
    Sounds like the perfect time to bust it out. I saw that Rockin lifted the hydra ban, and I GOTTA be in this game if EE's in it. Even if just EE's ghost is in it.

    Let's do it.
    uhh Sure. Are you on Facebook? there are smashfests each of the next two weekends.
    Hey sorry I left so suddenly yesterday. My mom got mad that I downloaded Skype without asking, lol.

    Anyway, to answer your question.

    MY favorite RPGs are Mother 3, Final Fantasy XII, and Dragon Quest IX.
    Lol, well I haven't really watched much of it (I'm kind of not allowed to, ugh my parents are so controlling) but from what I've seen I wish I could legally watch it. D:
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