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  • **** I'm Busted xD lolol

    And that **** is bad, ur musictaste is like my grandma's soup lmao try something else

    It wasn't bad actually.... despite the random sings, the banned stages(lol summit) and the awfull opponents xD

    Btw im gonna do wifidubzladders with a wiimote sideways team with me lololololol

    omg ur such a player

    no but srsly gimme the general woodman spot, i dont even care being first it would be fair and square me being fourth dont u think?
    Mah name's Latoya shaniqua mercedes jackson Im 6 yearz old and I take care of mah hair
    I lol'd extremly hard xD wtf RANDOM
    Ur combovid will suck anyway cause u don't have random pound approaches :L hur dur
    i cant get replays because wii isnt hooked up on the internet because i moved. I'm not bothering to hook it up either because its a pain in the ***. Send it to me via bin file through a sd card or have someone else look at it sorry!
    no. it's the saturday after black friday and seeing as i work at gamestop, it's gonna be super busy and no one was allowed to request off. sorry.
    so what's your final word? you need a ride? what are u offering to pay the other kid to take u?
    It would not have been the same result... You had a scheduled time for the tourney.. all u had to do was start at that time and if no one showed up, then so be it. I still woulda walked away with a good amount of money. Anyway, i'm done talking about your tourney.
    that's not my problem if they couldn't make it. The pot size was a guaranteed $200 which means you just woulda had to put more of your own money in. Don't hype up your own **** posting in various threads only to cancel the day before.
    wtf... why would u change the date THE DAY BEFORE?? that was incredibly dumb. i had called off from work yesterday and was ready to go till i saw your mesaage. i had to work today and was not gonna call off and take my chances again. next time call/text me. it's a sure way of letting me know bc i dont always go on smashboards. im pissed that i lost out on that work money but also bc i coulda won singles, placed in dubz, and either won or placed in both low tier events. -_-
    Snap, sorry man, but I work sunday too. I work like all week and next weekend too. It sucks for you and me both.
    i turned my wiiconnect off will i still get it? Btw i just moved so its not hooked up either.

    I got bombed with closing shift at work tomorrow! >:[[[[[[
    I did, I'll talk to him again tonight. Also, there is a slight possibility that I may actually be able to attend.
    You were not infracted for that post multiple times, as the vb infraction system does not allow us to infract the one post more than once. You however spammed the same message in multiple threads, making threads just to do so.

    You kept going despite the infractions, so you only have yourself to blame, sorry.
    Ehh you can ask him, but probably not. We usually go together, but maybe he'll head there himself.
    Sorry man, I can't. I work that day. I wish you the best of luck with your puff. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^_^ If you ever pick up a secondary, make it marth. :3
    I'm in Philly, and while I 'm interested I can't make it out there :( I also think that I'll be in New York this weekend anyhow; my building's taking a trip up there so I can go for cheap, school events rock
    lol **** they are on the same day. oops. Well then, looks like i need to figure out wth i'm going to do. I think i have to work anyway so i might end up missing both. OR if i do work.. maybe i'll come to yours bc it's closer and then i can do one or two events depending on what time i work. I'll keep u updated.
    When is it again? I might be working that day so idk yet. I wouldn't mind coming. Cost?

    Link pl0x?
    Sorry about that. I'm gonna work on some vids tonight. I'll know about your tourney a bit closer to the date.
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