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  • LOL, bangs dah bess. I rlly rlly laik joee, meet me on dah faze boog.

    I like it how it's mtv cribs and he's showin a ghettobike.
    Your wood is burned charcoal. I heared you ordered fellaz to f your gf cause you can't get it done by yourself, you could order me but I ain't cheap misterrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Puttin your **** in the drain of your bath doesn't count either, my **** is real get on my level punk;)
    But you said you were convential xD?? She gives you drama, really? I mean.... she's always actin cool when she is with me, we always have lots of fun. Maybe you should change your behaviour a bit more hmmm?
    Do you were your mother's lipstick when you do that? I mean do you feel confortable doing that? Are you perhaps into dragqueens? I mean it's really...uh...different! ;)
    It's allright, why are going in defense-mode all of a sudden? If there's something you want to say to me I'll take it, I mean... I take each person the way he/she is :)
    You deceived me :( I thought you wanted to fight. I be joking, I'd be a pleassure to fight you, you don't have a secondary anyways *evil laugh*.
    What is 'it' and what is what you think that I'm thinking and what is 'it' then, what you're gonna give me?
    I'll come 2 U, I know where u live cause of ur tourney lmao, better get prepared brah cause ill take u to the future. Gimme ur fbbbbbbbbbb :).
    Loooooooooooooooooooooool, damn u busted mah ***, tho what were u gonna type? I know u was goin 2 post a message. Btw gimme ur fb, we could hook something up irl so i can bust yo *** and u can spit the tooth from mah pawnches from all dat nasty shiz u said 2 me homeboy, I aint done with ur ghetto ***, blood call niqquh suwoooooooooooooooooooooop
    You have a really big house though, I didn't get to see all of it cause we kept it strictly to the master bedroom. After I was done, I asked bout you again, she told me you was duckin me again,

    Could you tell your mom I can't make it tonight? I have an icehockey game. I'll call her tomorrow.

    LOL XD

    Dude, I might be moving to washington in two years, like ewwww I don't want that. Help pleasee!
    Freakin Youtube ain't workin on this ghetto laptop ugh! <_<

    Anyways, I went to yo hood.
    Asked bout you, I was lookin for yo ***.
    I asked you niqqahs where u was at and they said u was ducking me.
    Yo momma's so ugly, she makes blind people cry!

    That's cause our pool is dirty she wants you to clean it up.

    Better do your job good next time ;)
    A few little words and then I'm out. I take **** even higher then the clouds. Your so called 'swag' is a false statement comming from your stupid brain. When I flush my toilet I hear your name. Snoopin in my house talking to my mom saying I wanna hurt him?! ***** the only reason I would snoop in your house is to hide your uglyness and close the curtains. This **** is done like it didnt even got started. I asked some guy do 'do you know woody?' And he farted. I got myself now a trophy. For being the best homie. You know that guy generalwoodman? He's a ****** that will make your eyes bleed and stun. Better hide yo kids cause he full of crap. Better luck next time woody cause I'm not falling for you traps;)
    So you a big boy now? Dats cool but dont move I'm exegg ***** now lemme take you to school. Messin up yo name like a wannabe. Got dat W for dat fakemango-status like ur gonna be? Stupid *** ***** is to blind to see. That I'm tearin yo **** upside down, ur kinda entertaining like a hospitalclown. I aint no crackniqqah dats makin lil kids pregnant like yo daddy did. Dats why the agedifference between u and ur mom is as small as ur girlfriends ****. So u can learn something from me and **** ur community. u watch that gay-soap Glee. Imma call myself jesus cause I do it for yall. Why dont you try a little bit harder on your next call?
    Imma tell you 1 more time and imma make it quick. Stop trying 2 pretend ur something while you're getting the ****. Yo ****'s far from being good. They wont even hit yo ugly *** in the PINK-neighbourhood. See you talking bout shooting and ****in people up. U so wack u dont even have luck cause ur stuck in your own mess what the ****?lemme get my truck. And ride all over ur ugly face which gives nobody joy. It's a free make-over from a celebrity so you can run and tell that HOMEBOY ;)
    See, that's where you went wrong. Posting the -->lyrics<-- twice of the same song. Yo **** ain't original so yous a fake. Stop this right here for yo own sake!My ****'s fresh out the boat outta my brains right away. See I got a phone call from dr dre. He wants my **** cause it's off the hook. I'm so dope you could write a book. While you, are some crack *** son of ***** lil wannabe hiphop dude. Now I don't wanna sound rude. But yo **** and yo gurl are wack so I tell you to go home. I ain't playin games with u son, just ****ing leave me alone.
    Start gunnin on me like u some terrorist *** hoe? Rhymes as dry as a dessert with no flow?! ur a no-go u give **** like a homo, u slow, u dating ur bro yo. while he be all up in yo ***. U tryna pop yo champagne glass. Like u got something to celebrate, ***** yo **** aint 1337 so i'm allowed to hate u cant change ur bad **** it's ur fate ;)
    My chick wouldn't date a nerd. This Down *** ***** calls himself a flirt. He be whiter then yo local mcdonald's milkshake. while yo chick be slurpin' my white taste. Gotta get the game thight before it aint right woody so where to begin? Get yo **** real before I cave some mutha****in faces in! :3
    Remember the times when you succeed and your lines were good? Me neither. Your ****'s so bad it gives me a horrible fever;)
    the more i make sense of what the **** you just said, the more awesome it sounds. Wii code is: 7544 8124 3042 5896

    Brawl FC = 4468 2591 3299
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