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Recent content by General Heinz

  1. General Heinz

    I think I invented a new combo.

    jfc let's don't **** on the man all at once now ;) but for real CC would destroy this ;(
  2. General Heinz

    A Few Sheik Questions

    1) it is possible, but i believe it's a pretty tight timing. WD OoS > grab should work if you are fast enough. gravy might know some specifics of what you can do out of powershield though, which could be p powerful. my guess is if you are on the correct side of them (not sure which side that...
  3. General Heinz

    Falcon Players Unite... 2016, Where We At?

    agree v much w OP's spirit. glad to see a new wave of falcons burning to push the char. glhf all.
  4. General Heinz

    effect of gravity on nair hits

    hi everyone, kind of a strange/maybe useless question but i watched this video the other day and it taught me some things i didn't know before and got me thinking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pch2er2zx9s quick summary of the important bit: apparently after jumping, gravity doesn't apply...
  5. General Heinz

    [Jun 6, 2015] Southeast MI High School Melee! SIngles/Crews |Melee + Project M| (Northville, MI)

    very hype to see this kind of thing. would love to see it happen over on the west side as well for our fledgling young smashers. good ****, good luck
  6. General Heinz

    Midwest [June 6th, 2015] KINGS OF KZOO III (Kalamazoo, MI)

    how many people have actually expressed interest in entering poke bracket? me n cryth1mz been wurkin on our meta
  7. General Heinz

    Midwest [June 6th, 2015] KINGS OF KZOO III (Kalamazoo, MI)

    yeah no for sure. in the age of ubiquitous fb smash groups i think smashboards has become a touch forgotten, but it's still the best place to get the word out about these events. anyway, i'll def be there, count on it p.s. what's the stadium ruleset? hoping you mean battles, not minigames, cuz...
  8. General Heinz

    Midwest [June 6th, 2015] KINGS OF KZOO III (Kalamazoo, MI)

    oh **** smashboards official lol
  9. General Heinz

    KZOO SMASH: Fall Circuit Event #1

    ggs to everyone i played. thanks to ponyo for running things and miles for hosting. will definitely be coming to the next event.
  10. General Heinz

    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings

    lol alright not like it matters but besides zbet and the illustrious PR| Dre what on falcon's ****ing **** is this
  11. General Heinz

    [Jul 27, 2014] The Gentleman's Open 2 (Portage, MI)

    hype, i'll be there with my setup as well james. thanks for organizing this.
  12. General Heinz

    The Beach House 8 - 7/12 - Michigan - 64 entrants

    yo this tourney was mad fun. always a treat to kick it with some of the coolest people around for a day and just play a bunch of melee. also was a nice improvement for me after my laughable performance at midland LOL first time i've done proper shoutouts in a while so i'ma go hard vaccine for...
  13. General Heinz

    Spring Lake Open Results-6/21/14-Spring Lake MI

    shibby your ass is grass at rom4 shoutouts to berteast for apparently wrecking ****...?
  14. General Heinz

    [May 31, 2014] A Foster Special (Melee) (Lansing, MI)

    ****ing hypest fosterfest yet
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