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  • Hey,how are you!Next time you log on,do you think you have time to play me? ^_^ I will be checking for you!
    Oh yea!

    It turns out that I'm not very good at playing aggresive but rather waiting for something to happen then attack, but if the oppenent doesnt do something I tried to make him by throwing a turnip somewhere usually up in the air( with a bit of glide tossing lol)

    oh..and.....I cant Dtilt :laugh:
    Well remember unintentionally grabbing you also fairing lol

    Really were even? WOW ^__^

    And yea I'm starting to notice people punishing my ledge rolls a bit, and I still feel like I'll panic and roll at any moment xD

    My Mindgames I have mindgames? O__O

    what sort of mindgames did I do lol?
    Thanks lol for some reason I was nervous fighting along beside you sorry for KOing you

    + I cant do all of the your Peach can lol(somewhere along the line I'd mess up xD)

    I like to thank you for being my tutor and, telling me I can play in my style and improve it

    I won a online tourney match just now( I was pretty nervous too) it made me play alot more....... staying away til its safe

    I'm going to try to improve my peach so she can be just as good as any character

    Also I'd like to send you these matches of the tourney to see what I can improve or advice

    If you want that is?
    I see. Well If you ever wanna talk to me, just aim me then. I don't go out to people since these people hardly agree with what I have to say And have people like Praxis speaking lack of common sense crap.
    Well I've been trying to keep my fair fresh to KO, but thats hard for me =/

    Also I begun to use bair for........spacing? I guess

    Glide tossing for movement /mastering bone-walk

    are these things ok to do?
    Exactly! Although it doesn't hurt to use techniques others use, the first thing is deciding what you want to do.

    then you must perfect the material you wish to build upon to make yourself a better player.

    That's the lesson for today.
    Thanks for the matches ggs fgs too ^__^

    I got so wrecked fighting your Peach I wasnt sure what to do at all

    your Peach and mine play completely different
    I feel most of them can't really explain or know much.So they really can't say anything, which is fine. So it is usually me giving advice, debating and writing tons of essays on this character.
    What Can I say? I am Dark.Pch. it's bound to happen. I'm sure I'll get banned yet again soon.
    well thanks any ATs I need to master?

    And I've been having problems dealing with aggresive Marths and campy Falcos

    I also in need for insight on other MUs as well....
    Oh ok then

    Should you approach with Peach?

    As for me, I dont do that much =/

    + I do tend to pluck turnips at the wrong times
    Hi I'm C Spyker

    I would like to get better as Peachy, could you tutor on what I should do as peach and how I should play? :)

    please? :bee:
    Hiya Gangsta! :D
    I have a friend who is looking to improve his Peach and I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping him.

    His username is C Spyker on the boards and he's been looking for someone to teach him Peach for a while.

    That and do you wanna brawl later? (When you get back)
    EDIT: Nevermind about the brawls for now, have to wait for my mom...
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