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  • Hes ok now.....its funny btw....when you asked me how I felt about Neo back than, he was literally someone who made me lul with trolling...Im not sure how it evolved quite honestly XD
    Sis ^^....aww...I missed you...v.v

    Im sad atm....worried about Mio, he has H1N1 and just left suddenly last night, Im really worried something happened v.v
    Go make yourself ramen,or ice cream,etc..You can do it :]

    See,its good that you know that,now you won't be surprised when someone is a jerk.You already know the hardships of being gay or bi.

    Your strong Adam,you just have to decide if he is important enough to you that you will be strong.

    I know its hard...
    I would never judge you even as a christan.

    People who won't accept you both aren't worth you guy's time.

    I have an idea,
    To clear your mind,I want you to make yourself something nice.
    Do something that makes you happy.
    Get alot of rest.

    I think that would help you with your thoughts.
    First,you have to figure your own mind out..I wish I could read your mind,so I could help you more.

    If I turn out gay though, or accept that, then my family wil probably outcast me, the general public will ridcule me...essentially, everyone would be against me
    Im sorry Adam *hugs* T.T

    At least he sees how amazing you are.

    It will be alright,just tell him your thoughts.If he loves you,he'll be paient. :D
    Sorry for the late replys btw....PSP

    So hes in love with you..
    I think your right about your jugdment being clouded.Mine would be too...
    And,you know,I love my friends even though im not attracted.Its because they are good people.
    Oh, itd be love he feels. Hes made that perfectly clear.

    I dont know, maybe Im in shock from this whole thing, and its cloduing my judgement
    Are you sure you don't love him in a bestfriend way?Or like I love you as a brother?
    Is he in lovewith you?
    Errr..How do you think he feels toward you?
    Umm....you see...thats the catch...its not a she...=/. Now before you start thinking, Im not gay, I am not attracted to men what so ever. However, this person became really dependent on me...and even though Im not really attracted to him, Im starting to fall in love with the person he is, the personality he is...which is what has me REALLY confused X_X
    Well...ok....well....ummm.....how do I put this....Ok!....Umm....Bleh x_x. Ok, lets start simple.

    Im in a relationship...sorta now
    Sorry I was gone all day v__v, work.

    Match up knowledge, win ratios, and such helps determine skill
    What I said was selfish,im sorry Adam.Your right.

    He wont leave forever :] your too awesome.

    I regret to say but....My battery is about to go out!Good night and thanks Bro *hugs*
    ill pray for you and neo tonight. :]
    Oh....well, its nice she cares enough to atleas try and protect you, I didnt have any of that, just my internal suffering v_v.

    Umm, well, I didnt want him to get in trouble with his GF anymore, so afterwards, he decided to leave, maybe forever
    You said what happened is more complicated,how?D:

    Its dumb and uncessary(for me at least,im not gonna kill myself,mom dont believe me o.o)
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