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  • yea it will probly be the first tourney i go to when i start going again.

    we should def chill/play there

    Thanks for understanding. I haven't had time to go read the post but I can assume its "pros" coming in and sticking up for the TO which they should do.

    It's not really that I'm mad about the tournament as I understand why it went that way, its just that if I didn't post then no one would know how some of the new players see the smash scene.

    And I don't think they are all smelly jerks that love Ally haha =P
    haha yea whats up.

    its been mad fun up un till this weekend, so now im on like a forced break.

    i was wondering if id ever run into you here lol.

    also you going to pound 4??
    Hey, are you going to the MD/VA Circuit Finale? (I could be your ride if so.)

    And on that note, are you interested in attending a small smashfest on Friday to prepare for it?
    lol. I've had the sig since I've been on smashboards pretty much, I don't think I'll be changing it anytime soon.
    haha oh yeah. I still talk to alot of people from 4kids even though I was like a flaming 13 year old when that **** was goin down. nice to see you

    I got alot of people in to smash lol. Like BoX7. hes a well known brawler now
    haha who are you

    yeah I stopped for like 2 years but Im starting to go to tournaments and stuff again
    Badly. <_< In the sense that I barely got any play time. I'll call you later, but Terrell is coming over soon, I guess. Call ya later.
    Yeah, Justin go'n to get his *** whooped.

    We need to pull together a new official crew. This time one that actually exists. So far, it's just me and you.
    Yeeeeah lol. If he's a fan of spotdodging though, I'm sure he likes playing ROB :laugh:

    I don't see how you can keep putting up with someone like Kuro, to be honest. Sounds pretty immature to me >_> Hopefully he stops being so stubborn and takes your advice soon.
    Maybe Jroc has difficulty under pressure... who does he use?

    :( That's kinda sad. Kuro's not interested in brawl much?
    Well... what the **** do they expect? lol you guys have been playing a lot longer, of course you two will be better. Are Jroc and Kuro really that far below Joker, moreso than Joker is below you and Asaph?

    It looks like you're right lol, just keep on training him. Eventually, if he has the will, he'll definitely catch on.
    Just learn choards and scares. then everything comes together. it is not as hard as people make it out to be.
    I rember you. I jut leanred the chords and the basics of holding one and plucking the strings. then I just make up my own thing.
    Hmm... what if you guys found other friends interested in smash at his level? If he played with people more like him, he might be more inclined to get better? Forcing him might not work out so well though ._.
    Said Zach? O.o

    I'm gonna give him more than he deserves and says he's smarter than he looks. I think he's just a lazy ******* at this point. I'm just pissed right now, but honest to God - what the ****? EVERY time I call him? Really? It's unbelievable. I could get more out of Mike, and he's ****ing four states away!
    If I'm not doing anything, sure ****ing thing. I'd really like to play some **** team matches against real people.

    Oh, and Zach is ****ing useless. I tell him I'll call him back in five mins, and he doesn't pick up the phone afterwards all day. It's really starting to piss me off, and the fact he can keep having excuses seems unbelievable. Who can be that unreliable?
    Yeah, I had forgotten why I was looking at the thread again, but when I saw your post, I **** a brick. Btw, we need to play again. I need to see what things our team can do exactly.

    **** hermit....anyway your gonna have to show up soon! And play really old games with us.
    When? I'm going to the movies with the guys this Saturday to see Transformers.

    And I fell off the face of the earth because I'm in lone writer mode. I also finished watching the entire Buffy series. I'm watching Angel now.
    yea, espcially if they are laser-spamming falcos lol, Anyways I hate online matches affecting ppl`s abiltiy to play XD ^^ o-o
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