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  • yes, other cities in tx will start banning him. it will take a few months or so but it will happen
    "but the singles will have good players like Dojo, santi, hylian and sethlon there >_>"


    good luck.

    Santi's going to own XD
    There's a stage discussion on the Kirby forums.

    Kirby doesn't really have BAD stages, but some can be good, if you know how to use them.

    Rainbow Cruise, for example, is good for Kirby, unless you don't have the stage memorized. Then you'll probably kill yourself.

    Frigate, Brinstar, Green Greens, Pictochat, Corneria, Jungle Japes .... anything really. Try to find a stage your opponent's character is weak on.

    Snake is too good on Battlefield, but he'll have more trouble on Rainbow Cruise and Jungle Japes.
    ^_^ thanks.

    I failed my Brinstar last game though D:

    Your Kirby is good; you use dash attack too predictably though. I didn't punish it as much as I should have, partially due to impatience, partially due to wifi, but I could almost always see it coming. Other than that, quite good, quite good
    lol thats fine.....anyways imma head out cause i have work in the morning but is off after 2 so whenever your ready to go just let me know
    Good games man. Nice squirtle. If you're wondering I main diddy and second luigi. I also like PT.
    Yo yo yo. You said you live somewhere near Oconner? i live in Braun Station if you know where that is. I suggest you me and Alex19 meet up for some smash.
    U can deny it, i just added u cuz i thought u were going to be one of those funny trolls, but so far no, u dont have it in u homie
    "I think i'll leave your friend request hanging."

    I don't know you, Therefor, I won't accept yet, or ever.
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