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  • So how often do you come down to the valley man? Do you have any contact info outside of Smashboards? Maybe AIM and MSN?
    You have your own condo at the island? I really want to go but I don't know if it's pheasable. I do live in Matamoros and with all the sex week going on at the island it's horrendous to get in there. Plus I don't like all that commotion. Are you ever going to leave SPI and come down to Brownsville or any neighboring Valley towns? We can make a get together like on Saturday or next week and you can come. Also the tourney is the 28th, in case you'll be here long enough.
    i mean im playing at my house right now by myself, im also looking for somewhere to play. Ill hit u up if i find somewhere
    oh ok. yea good games, i had fun for my first time playing. i guess im ok at that game unless you guys were not trying lol
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