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  • Yep. Finally entered a tourney a month back or so. Currently looking to see if their are anymore before October 20th.

    How you been?
    Have you cut the Rainman from the Hanafuda cards moveset for Make Your Move? I was wondering if I could do him.
    The Cherries look extra sweet. I can work on the pictures of coconuts, during Graphics. So it's all good.

    I am not sure, I can always supply the apples. for the next couple weeks I have some serious studying to do, as well as exams. So I might not be able to help you as often with oranges. But once afterwords, the watermelons will be once again flowing. Btw. I don't want any credit for this. :p I'm just helping with the usual bananas.

    Were you the one who said you were doing a Darkrai moveset in MYM5?

    Cuz if you were, I'll just not do him and let you have the only Darkrai set.

    If you're not the one who said that, ignore this.
    Krystal > characters I hate. I want her in, remember? And seeing Falco's cut, too much Starfox isn't a problem. The only awkward thing is Krystal having 6 character select icons. . .

    I need to go to an out-of-town tourney....

    And no. Playing Brawl Kirby (especially in Brawl+)has left my Melee Kirby broken...
    Melee. YESH!

    I went mostly as Falcon, but (due to a lack of a concrete ruleset) went Fox when I got put into a item match.
    All three games! Yup.

    Cake is an eyecatcher isn't it (it'll be difficult, but some1 has to try).

    Also, I could become a Smash Director if I try.
    Sept. 20th. Ask Dark Hart for further details.

    I swear I will hold at least 1 tourny in this town before my eventual departure! I just need to figure out a plan.
    UNC-CH area. Gotta start saving for gas...

    Also, I'm considering learning how to host my own tournys. Any thoughts?
    Oh I see how it is.

    The SSB4 Discussion isn't good enough for you.

    ..Fine then. We don't need you and you're stupid 2000th post. I mean, I guess we haven't been good enough to you. Sure, we always provide a good discussion, some hearty debate--even the occasional, lively flame war, but I mean, that's just not enough, is it? You always want more.

    Well you know what? i've had enough of that attitude of yours.

    Fil...I'm leaving you.


    And I'm taking the kids.
    I've been overly busy. Stupid place gave me an early hour to start. I should be in bed right now lol
    Nothing really. I've been at my house with my dad unable to eat decent food (No job still T_T). Tomorrow, I'll try to get my Driver's License. And my first day of college is on the 18th.
    You got the PW reference? YAY!
    Well my Wii battery needs charging so I'll talk to ya later.

    Oyasumi Nasai (cookie if you can translate).
    SC! Luv that game! I couldn't find a main, but I luv it.

    I am partial to Talim and Mitsurugi (haha Edgeworth) though.
    Heh. I just need to get my own kendo blade (at home, I practice with brooms and golf clubs). And get back to learning kenjutsu from the guy running training.
    Heh. I actually know only 1 asian who attended. But she was some1s girlfriend messing around. Beat some people though.

    Yes, 1 day (maybe). And I'm black.
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