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  • Wannabes yeah. They train every Tuesday in various woods with bamboo swords, bo-staffs, and Bow and arrows. I go whenever I'm able.

    I also have an unrelated ninja friend, but he won't let me talk about him.
    As dull as town is, their is bound to be SOME other Smashboarders here who think like we do (that we our alone).

    Or at least I hope (I could try and recruit my samurai friends, but I don't know how to start).
    Gah! Everything is in Raliegh and I have no way of getting there. Nothing happens here!

    I guess I'll scope out people at FTCC when school starts...
    I'm pretty sure he was banned a few weeks back. It annoys me everytime he posts.

    Did I already ask did you know any other competitive Smashers (or people interested).
    Nope. Haven't been 2 the movies in a WHILE.

    I once again went out trying to get employed and spent my time on the Internetz. I wish some1 would call me (or my friends lived closer).
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