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  • Lol, no problem, but wait a second, I think I may have worded myself in a way that might lead to misconceptions, instead of just the two solutions I had posted two VMs ago, it's more of a mixture of them.

    You want a buffered version of the second solution I had posted... I just now remembered, and saw, that you'd still have to do a regrab for Popo, and if you still fall behind just a little that Nana will read a buffered grab and then turnaround.

    Hmm In essence, what I'm saying is that, you should watch for when the precise time your opponent meets the ground from the Nana Dthrow (#2) and then buffer your bthrow using what I've just told you (#1).

    That should solve the problem and make your CGs a lot smoother in rhythm.
    In brawl there is a mechanic called buffering.

    Basically, while a character is performing a move, you can input another action, and as soon as the character finishes the action they were doing while you input the command, they will then perform the command that was inputted.
    The catch is that you have 10 frames to buffer in your next move while another move is taking place.

    Applying that concept to this.
    Just as the character Nana is dthrowing reaches the ground press the grab button (so that Popo will regrab) and immediately after, press and hold the direction you need to in order to bthrow. As soon as Popo regrabs, he'll go into bthrow. And with the time it takes Nana to get back from end lag on the dthrow she'll have a turnaround input, then you can continue the CG.
    *Reads Lucas Perfected's response*
    *reads your Question*

    The answer isn't that complicated LP...
    More often than not, it's because you regrabbed a frame or so late with Popo; late enough to where the grab command falls into Nana's buffer window, but not so late that Popo misses the regrab. It happens to me too on lighter characters. There are two ways that I remember off the top of my head.

    1. Buffer you're next throw- Nana will follow that buffer command if you buffer it in just before you're Popo regrab.
    2. If I'm thinking correctly the problem arises on a Nana dthrow to Popo, try regrabbing just as the opponent hits the ground, at that time its at the time where Popo will successfully regrab, and Nana won't have a buffered grab.

    Or you could always use bthrow->fthrow :p

    Just happened to be lurking which is how I came across this xD.
    Oh, i think i c now, so nana grabs when shes not supposed 2
    Probable Causes:

    1. Too fast for nana- Remember, nana may be controlled by you but she is still a CPU, try to let her keep up, not so fast...

    2. Nana is recieving grab command instead of shielding- Once nana is desynch from popo in any way, she will do more uncontrolled things(Rolling to get back to popo, running back to him, jumping back, attacking including grabs, etc.

    3. Nana does whatever she is commanded in a certain range only - Remember, Nana will not do what is told once she leaves 4-5 steps from popo, keep this in mind when fighting larger chars.

    4. Is it Wi-fi?- If your playing over wifi, its going to be harder 2 grab chain than normal, due to lag, connection, and nana's reaction time. I dont try to play Ic's online anymore for this reason...

    5. Ask yourself,"Is it too advanced, do i need practice, who can i do it on well?"- It may just be difficult to pull off sometimes, many are with me. but b creative, if you cant do it make your own! i did, i have many if u wanna hear them, just ask!

    Is this what your looking 4?
    If not, ill keep trying, we will get your situation under control.

    Happy Smashing!
    ??? you mean shield instead of grabbing? Well, i suck with Dthrow chaining over 170%, but if you use Z to grab, you may press it 2 early, or you may be going 2 fast 4 nana, i go slowly, then at about 100% i start forwrd throw roll chaining(wanna learn about it? Ask me how) But yeah, anddont forget, The down and Back throws go different speeds based on damage, weight, and size of the character, forward doesnt, nor does up.

    If you mean down throw 2 nana, turn around as popo to make nana back throw, turn back around as popo to grab the enemy again, then continue desynch grabbing.., Same as above, but your distance between you will change based on damage and size, its hard to perform over 200% but its possible to use any chain over this if you are skilled enough..

    Anyway, i hope this helps your ice climbers :popo:
    This not what your lookin 4? Ask me more specifically/Detailed on what your troubles with ics are.
    Happy Smashing!
    gg's feels, the Wolf dittos, sure were epic battles, in fact they were so epic and awesome, that they made everyone else but us crash.=). Jokes aside, have you decided which your secondary character will be/is?
    Good games (lol, now i know why the IC-Kirby matchup sucks so bad...) as Aibou before me said, try to watch the rolling, you got very predictable after a while. Also, I hate chaingrabs now...

    Oh, and I messed up the Wolf intercom on purpose, for the lulz :088:
    Yes. Once you get an SD card, there are several steps. I can link them to you once you get the SD card.
    Oh and in case you were wondering about the D/Cs, my wii was freezing. Apparently, there was a bug in the stage texture I used for Smashville. I deleted it though so I should be running smoothly from now on.
    Jesus, I am so out of it today. That was a terrible performance on my part. Even my victories were horrible T_T

    GGs, I'll play you again when I'm feeling a bit better. You're pretty good, just watch your rolling.
    Here are the replays:



    Hopefully YouTube will be done processing them by the time you see this.

    The Marth/ICs ones seemed pretty reasonable too, so I threw them in as well. My Lucario still sucks too much to be useful for critiquing purposes. Feel free to use whatever you want for critiquing purposes, however.

    Also, let me know once you've posted for critique, I wanna see what they say as well.
    OK. I'll try to get a decent mix of the IC/Pika matches up (and you better believe the first match is going up).

    One thing the Pika boards keep saying to people looking for critique is to have losing vids as well (as there's only a couple regular Pikas that are good enough to critique winning vids). So I will be putting up some of my wins too, it should help the people critiquing your videos.
    GGs. It's going to be heck fighting your ICs once you get the infinite chaingrab down.

    My Lucario still stinks hardcore.

    If you want any of those fights YouTube-ized, let me know.
    Yeah. That happens. It's usually the host's side that runs fine but the person or people joining have a bad connection
    Anything out of Idaho lowers the connection instantly it seems.

    I'll be online in a few moments.
    Tomorrow may work.

    After 3:00 PM Pacific I'll be meeting with my group for a rather massive school project. I don't know how long the meeting will last, so before that may be best.
    Sure, but not right now. I'm uploading like a bajillion videos (of friendlies between Aibou and me) to YouTube right now, so my upload bandwidth is pretty much maxed at the moment (read: it'll likely be super-laggy if I tried right now).
    About picking the right secondary, i'd say that you either pick D3 or Kirby, you showed great promise with both of them. You could also consider in picking Diddy kong, with his quick attacks and solid D-air meteor smash, and his amazing speed and agility. Not to mention his banana game. Could be worth looking into. But it's your choise in the end. Why don't you have a "training montage" with them and see which character suits you. Hope you found this usefull.=)
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