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  • Yes sounds good, don't really have anyone around here that plays. (only lj but he is in uni)

    anyway heres my number 07787242850

    I have Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays off work. Not always available to play on those off days unfortuantly. But let me know when your available and we can try to sort something out.
    Don't really have a main as such. Like to mess about with a couple of characters. Have been told my better character is Shiek but am trying to get a decent Yoshi at the moment.

    Yes I drive, I'm 20
    Thats ok, I haven't touched it in a year either lol. Doubt ill be free for a couple of weeks yet but will let you know.

    Will pm your my number when I can be bothered to go get my phone xD
    Just noticed one of your posts saying you were from Weston.

    I live in Bristol so if you ever want a few games let me know :). I'm not that good yet but I'm trying to get better to attempt to play at tournament level.

    Also like you played Brawl for fun for a little bit when it come out. So if you want a few games of that I'd but up for it aswell. Could try wifi seeing as were not too far away the connection might actually be ok x]
    I play Melee really, havn't played Brawl in like a year. I will still play it if thats all you play however.
    Hey man are your from Bristol right? Get back to me, I'm at uni in Worcester, pretty close :)
    Alltough i'm great with wolf, i'm not good enough as having him as my main. And yes, the Ice grabbers chain is hard to time and master. But you shouldn't have any trouble mastering them.=]
    Well gg's regarless. Will the Ice grabbersbe your third main?. And yeah i still main the Fatman, why?
    If only if it would be that simple lol. But maybey in the near future, i will be able to attend a tourney. Oh well, be sure to think of me when you win.:p
    If i were you, i would have Diddy as my main and ganny as secondary. But thats just my opinion, it's your call in the end.=]
    Good games. I can't believe I missed the counter-uppercut twice on the last match. Of course, they were great tauntfests from the start. :laugh:
    Thanks, i can say the same thing for your diddy. As for my Wario, i'm trying to implement his Dacus in my playstyle.
    Sorry about that man. My crappy connection + long distance ftl. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll have good wi-fi! Thanks for trying ♥
    Oh yeah, sure! If we have lag or whatever (I leech) just drop out :) I'll add you and be on in a second. You host, please!
    lol yesh. I used to be way better, I haven't played much though within the last 6 months, this is my first time on in a month or so
    I take it, your going to give it another shot with G&W, yes?. Oh and btw, have you ever visited smashwikia?, a friend of mine told me it, is a great site for tips and info. Might be worth looking into.
    Ugh. Usually I'm never that bad.
    My advice: Your kinda predictable, with how you use Jab and Dtilt..Just mai advice thou.
    oh yeah, i totally forgot meta knight, well he doesn't count, he is in a league of his own. :\
    Well to h*** with the tier list, if you find a character, be it a low-tier or a mid tier, then go for it and master the selected character. I didn't pick Wario because of his posistion. I picked him cause i love his comical appearence, and "********" play style. =]. Besides tiers are far from perfect. They are constanly changing, for an example, Sonic belonged to the button tier, but moved from tier 33 to the reason were because players learned to improve his metagame. My point is, tiers change all the time. The only real factor that you can rely on is skill. Any player with enough skill can beat any high character, using a low tier character. So pick up any character that you deem fit...except for Jigglypuff.=)
    Perhaps, but they will come in do time, just as i will finally overcome my own weaknesses. Its' a shame i can't join the tourny, i'm stuck in this hellhole called home.:mad:
    -Well i guess i became sort of desperate in the end sorry about that. I usually never get stuck in a predictable pattern. But thanks for pointing it out. And yeah i'm fully aware of attacks loosing their power, each time they are used, during a match. But i don't rely on Warios side smash for finishing, but then again i never inteded to spam it.- But like i said, i have a habit of getting stuck in a repedetive pattern. But when i'm fighting the correct way, my Wario is a force to reckoned with. But thanks again for pointing it out. Oh and i noticed that your Falco has been improved even further. Keep it up and you will stand a good chance of winning the coming tourny =]
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