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  • This week man. D:

    <3 <3 <3

    5ive uploaded some, only about 5 though.

    Your Wii has a ****load of replays though haha.


    Upload those matches on your Wii. :(

    You said you'd have them all up this week and you haven't uploaded a single one lmao.

    YouTube channel link would be nice.
    everyone could totally tell that uair ***** his jiggs though because of the damage sound effects and common sense though.

    I'll get PG to upload some as well, he has a ****load.

    If you have matches on your Wii, please upload them onto an SD card, it'll take like 10 minutes for all the matches max.

    Get to uploading, I can't wait to see them. :)

    5ive only uploaded two matches of me getting ***** and me ****** Jer where he ragequit and you couldn't even see the ending of his jiggs dying in the background lol.

    I can't wait to see them!

    Can you bring a good controller for me?

    Mine is ****ed up, I think that was a factor for me playing so bad at ROTT.

    I was also rusty, I'm gonna ****, but bring a controller.

    Thanks. <3
    Can you do it for me?

    As long as you have my besides your name, I think we're good.

    Proxies suck huge c0ck.
    I'l try my hardest, best believe LOL.

    This is probably going to be my last bawrl tournament.

    I'm going to ****, place well, and make a bang as I go out.

    B+ all day.
    hey Fizz. sup?

    my parents say ill never get to live in canada till im in college D=

    but at least ill get canadian citizenship :D
    It's that time again homie. Could you please ask the venue owner when is it possible to use the venue again?

    I am looking for March specifically because April is exam period. But I would settle for April. Please ask as soon as possible so that way we can have a thread soon to hype it up.
    Sorry Fizz. my dad wont allow me to go to Toronto anymore D:

    looks like our match will have to wait...
    Yo, you weren't on msn, is it possible to give me the phone # of the venue owner? I would like to speak to him to try to convince him to consider! This is important, a tourney date change cannot happen instantaneously!! PLEASE GIVE ME THE INFO IT IS NEEDED!!
    No offence, but I have no comment. I've been keeping my eyes on two others. I seem to concentrate on a few rather then all. Sorry.

    Exactly, that is how you were raised. I was raised the same way but over time have developed my own beliefs. I switched to my opinion when I saw a mother telling her child rather false reasons as to why there were a lot of Hispanics outside of a Home Depot.

    It made me want to slap the mother, and it was from that time on I felt that some "parents" don't really deserve to raise their child; although I have very very limited power over that.
    You have control, then it comes down to "will you" or "won't you".

    I see the human race outside of intermediate family. After all, are we all not human?
    So if Hitler had a kid and raised his kid to follow in his footsteps, would you not stop it?

    Extreme radical viewpoint on it, same issue.
    Since I cannot debate within the Proving Grounds.......

    But it is not wrong that these kids hear a lop-sided story? A completely one-sided view of life that God is the only truth?

    Also with the way he discusses it, it doesn't seem he is trying to force his view on the children. Simply give them the other side of the story.

    Those raised with one view, will generally not change. Especially if raised from a child.
    I don't know lol. yea GG's WiFi is never perfect. it was good with me and you. It had button delays and thats it. it bothers me too.
    look at this ***** having 350 posts and he's an 09 scrub. What a try hard lol.
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