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Recent content by ewic

  1. ewic

    Data Smash 4 Power Rankings Directory Project 2.0

    Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - Winter 2016/2017 IMAGE 1st: Angis :4charizard::4bowser::4corrinf: 2nd: Masai :4robinf: 3rd: Pleiades :4fox: 4th: EspeonCH :4link: 5th: Mono :4corrinf::4peach::4larry: 6th: S4rbassi :4cloud2::4myfriends: 7th: Linden :4samus: 8th: Yaya :4bayonetta: 9th: MMM :4luigi...
  2. ewic

    We need the ability to grab Sandbag in the waiting room.

    I agree it would be nice to grab the sandbag. I'm guessing one reason for this is because Z is mapped to turn the microphone on/off if you're in your own lobby?... Silly reason if you ask me.
  3. ewic

    Wario Video Thread

    Wow amazing games Jeepy. Love the aggressive style you have. I'm curious what you think of the custom bike you used. I noticed you went back to default vs Zex. I'm new to customs so I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter.
  4. ewic

    Wario main skype group anyone?

    Yo could I be added?? Skype = ewicnn
  5. ewic

    Social Mr. Game & Watch Social - The Flat Zone

    Awesome, you're the man SFA Smiley! Thanks a bunch.
  6. ewic

    Social Mr. Game & Watch Social - The Flat Zone

    I was watching Xanadu and noticed something in one of GimR's games: http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp/b/623180016?t=34m29s It appears he uses the bucket to carry his momentum upwards for recovering? I tried it on 3DS but couldn't get it to work. Anyone know what this is called/how to do it?
  7. ewic

    Pacman Skype Group

    Feel free to add me Skype = ewicnn
  8. ewic

    Either I've been blind or you just became a mod AND a back roomer? Hope it's not too late to...

    Either I've been blind or you just became a mod AND a back roomer? Hope it's not too late to congratulate you! It's great to see you moving up in the community.
  9. ewic

    Just had to say... Love your profile pic. Michael Rosen is the BEST!!

    Just had to say... Love your profile pic. Michael Rosen is the BEST!!
  10. ewic

    Q&A Game Play Advice and General Discussion

    You need to assess why you're playing in the first place. If it's to make money, it will only be detrimental to your progress. If it's to make friends and have fun, perhaps just let loose a bit and try not to worry about losing as much. Or maybe you're in it for the personal development, and...
  11. ewic

    Work In Progress SWF Community Voted Tier List - 3.0 COMPLETE

    :4wiifit:+1 :4zelda:+1 :4myfriends:+1
  12. ewic

    How are you developing as a player?!

    It's really hard for me to decide on a main/secondary right now, so I've just been playing a handful of characters (sometimes go random). I also don't have the Wii U version yet so I'm not focusing as much on tech, but rather strengths/weaknesses of each character as well as reading/punishing...
  13. ewic

    Hopes for the next major balance patch?

    Here's what I'd like to see: :4diddy:nerf U-Air & maybe something else :rosalina:nerf U-Air :4ness:nerf B-Throw & PK Thunder :4lucario:nerf Aura :4sonic:remove priority on Side-B so you can punish him for spamming it to approach Buff everyone else!!
  14. ewic

    Luigi Able to Cyclone Recovery without 2nd Jump!?

    Watch this video, from a tourney last night: http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp/b/592822158 and go to: 3:25:50 3:27:59 It appears Boss (the Luigi player) is able to vertically recover without using his 2nd jump. Am I wrong? Any input greatly appreciated. This could be a huge help for Luigis...
  15. ewic

    My original fears of Nintendo balancing Smash are coming true.

    I think your definition of "skill" is flawed. I'm guessing what you mean is "technical skill" which may be true in the case of Melee. And that's fine. However, what if I said having technical skill doesn't mean you outplayed your opponent? Here's a prime example: Ice Climbers. In both Brawl...
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