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  • Im so hyped also!1!!
    gashi said there is gonna be big smash4 news 0_o
    he said megaman might be in :/
    You shouldn't be sorry, none of y'all should. You guys have nothing to do with my departure from the DR, and it's actually funny looking at the fact that I left it a couple months ago. The only reason for my return literally and solely being the MLP thread "migration." I thought it'd go much more swimmingly, and then, the recent BS, which you guys are cool for being able to overlook and/or tolerate. This is my take of things.:applejack:
    The thread in the DR is the only one I've had actual issues with. I remember you posting last year about Spike getting high, or maybe something suggesting it, (which brought me to laughter, near tears), and I'm certain you didn't even get consulted for it, let alone infracted, considering it wasn't downed. I just don't want to conform. If I can't be myself (of course I have discretion about what is and isn't appropriate/acceptable; some of these are apparently too farfetched for the global rules), what is the point of even posting? Absolutely nothing, save for news, and we have Anthony for that, usually.:applejack:

    I'm not going to oppress, because it wouldn't work at all. It's just going to be "please go to Forum Support if you have issues with how things go around here." It's like a bullying victim consulting his principal and expecting a massive resolution.
    I just feel like we're being subjected to the strict ruling and scrutiny a juvenile would get throughout elementary school. That thread in particular doesn't "feel" like it's in the Disco Room at all; factually, it feels even more restrictive than the MM thread on for a multitude of offenses (major or minor), and I'm not compromising my beliefs and keeping my mouth shut about what I know is at the very least unnecessary. I'm trying my darnedest not to be asinine and argue with the moderators more, but I'd much rather just leave before it came to that.:applejack:

    I'm not leaving y'all, I'm just leaving the DR, for permanent this time. I feel stupid for not concurring with Espy after the MM thread got locked, and just sticking to the social group/Xat. You guys gave me the first step in terms of becoming a brony, and who I am today. I'm not leaving that behind just because of my agitation with some moot crap. I'll be around the social group in case someone ever happens to post there anymore, as well as the Brohoof Xat, when I get my computer over here.
    The characters are so like able, the dialogue is funny and Cheery, the 3d is beautiful, The multiplayer is awesome, and the weapon fusion is addicting.

    Best buy has it for $30, it's worth it.

    And how hyped are you for e3? :O
    i love how every name on my vm wall is in green.

    Green names are superior, obv.
    As do I, my friend! Although wearing a top hat, monacle and a cane is casual busines for me, What with being english and all :B
    I'm sure you're only saying that cause Pinkie is part of it. :p

    Also, for you.~
    Not sure if you have this one or not.

    yeah, I'm sorry XD

    And hey, You're rational when it comes to accepting my beliefs. Why should i be an ******* when it comes to yours? Ain't no double standards here :B
    Yeah, I have an analogy for religion and forcing it upon people:

    'Religion is like a penis,
    It's great to have one, Its great to be proud of it
    But dont go waving it in peoples faces
    and PLEASE dont shove it down my kids throat'

    But yeah, As crude as that is, I'm legally a christian too, although methodist church, so its the most casual one going. But I agree with you. Thanks for being a rational christian. I hope to go on to restore everyones faith in people of faith :B
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