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  • Lol dude, Providing religion makes you happy then i won't get offended
    Unless you start denying other people the right to believe in what they think :B
    Either way I figured the car crash would have been a trigger, near death exp usually is

    Also, i have to tip my hat to SWF, very clever april fools
    Heh, That's just fine man, You serve your god, I'm personally a celestian though :B
    And to me, a religious man is a man who believes in a religion of some sort a.k.a: not an athiest
    I figured that it might have been the crash you had that triggered it too :3
    Lyra was a transitory avatar, nowhere near my favorite. Daring Do is cool, but under the exact same position as Lyra. Fluttershy leapt pretty high up on my list due to last week's episode, but she's still just barely in my top ten. Applejack is my favorite of the mane 6, Octavia/Cherilee being my favorites since November.:applejack:

    Oh, and Flour De Lis is sexiest pony. <3
    Yeah, I figure it was the most relevant thing i had at the time, but gaaaay

    I never knew you were a religious man though
    Yeah, I couldn't get used to the new name either. Only way I was able to tell it was you was your Discord avi.

    I was just gonna stick to calling you Lash or Drue. I'd try calling you Drue more since you don't like the name Lash.

    It's ok. You're just one of the few people here I don't see much anymore that I greatly miss.
    I know, it's WONDERFUL.

    Too bad it's only temporary, unless they were to be smart about it and leave it like that.
    Man, where have you been?
    I miss you.

    Also why did you name change back to Lash rather than Drue or something?
    Haha drue, How many times have you changed your name now? If you didnt always have a discord avatar i would have trouble keeping up :3
    And thanks, i really needed it. Was your concert good?
    I probably shouldn't generalize to say "Smash", so much as Brawl in particular. Future may hold something else. :p

    Thanks, CoD is really fun, I would reccomend trying it out. It always feels good to challenge oneself more and more, lengthening expectations and the likes, as well as meeting lots of new people. The experiences are, well, noteworthy. XD
    My apologies, didn't see the question at the bottom. I quit officially back in January, got pretty heated, and I don't want to be 'that guy' when I play Smash. Sold the game last month, been on a strict Call of Duty diet thereafter. I've become pretty competent over the last few months, it's so much more tolerable for me, especially MW2 and Black Ops.:applejack:
    it's going good, I'm starting to think my crush might like me back, which makes me happy. :3

    Lol I scared the **** out of him already, you should've seen it, he was frozen... >:3
    Between you and me.
    This ***** *** white kid at my new school just stole stuff from me that was meant for my crush...
    I'm thinking I'm gonna have to beat the **** out of him next time I see him now... To make it worse I'm on my man period, my crush probably thinks I lied and I'm having trouble keeping my cool.

    Interesting fact: Men have periods of some sort, they don't bleed or any of that... but their testosterone skyrockets off the ****ing charts.
    Wow thats weird, I understand but wow thats kinda odd :0
    Some people grow out things, I understand :)
    Maybe when smash4 comes out you'll get back into it :p
    That stinks D:
    You need da money to buy the video gamez :3
    Btw what have you been playing lately? :o
    That was a my bad moment when the thread closed. Me and my rallying instincts.

    Thanks, btw. I found this on Eqd.
    Saw it.
    That's cool it has meaning behind it
    How is it pronouced?

    Lol in my post below I trying to do something funny with the word sexy(sech see) lol
    Ah, just how I didn't like my last username anymore and used Vinyl instead, since I like that name even better.

    It all makes sense to me now.
    Do I come off as unintelligent or like an attention *****?

    Be honest, you won't hurt my feelings. I'm open like a book.

    Answer in a pm if you feel it's esoteric/necessary.
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