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  • Yo DMG, mind explaining me what that CG Wario has on Wolf is all about? I've never heard of it.
    That's part of why we had a poll

    and part of why I examined it with even greater scrutiny in terms of parameters
    Yeah, it's like they're gonna drag me downtown as soon as I walk in the venue, lol. Kinda scary. o_o
    I was a little surprised to see 5 notifications lit up on SWF mobile, haha. It's good to see you're taking your time if you're unsure. My mind has been made up for a while, but just make sure you get a vote in before the deadline.

    Also, I'm laying in bed right now. I have an 8 am class, so I'll talk to you later. G'night, and furry dreams. :3
    I mean, I've been having some fun playing him lately, but that doesn't mean anything, lol. If he does get banned, it will be interesting to see how top players of MK respond and what characters they will use if they continue to play.

    What about your vote?
    I voted in favor of the ban. Overcentralized, overpowered, and literally sucking the fun out of the game. It's a shame to see stages banned solely because of the bat, for example.
    What did I vote?

    You might get mad at me. :<
    Yeah, I voted. Thanks for the heads up!
    I was lurking around and I saw a convo you had with a dude called hot arms and he was talking about how he wants to troll some chick on wifi brawl and that was your response
    Why would you do that to a nice girl? I bet she just wants to play Smash and you're just waiving your junk around her face, tapping her with a nut or two, taunting her endlessly.

    pure gold
    YO real talk

    My name is M2KAY
    *****es KNOW I play gay
    Ally da bess, MacChicken N da ress
    Rich Brown got planked, his mini fro stanked
    Anti and his momma doin Errands at the bank
    Gnes goin hard, whippen out his Pnes
    Blackanese told me to skeet, but for real ***** I'd beat
    ADHD now got Polio. His legs all whiplashed after I styled on him
    That part don't rhyme, too busy takin that ***** to time

    Now you know we be doin it real
    This smasher swag askin you to pay for mah meal
    You go an house me, see that face beamin, don't check the covers cause I probably left my semen

    This red card bull**** ain't nothin but magic tricks
    I caused a problem, I hear yall shout
    ****in LOL you *****s is dumb no doubt
    Cause look at me, you still payed out
    /discussion. Lmfao. Well said.
    Heh, yeah...he just doesn't like it when he loses an argument. :3
    Good call.

    I agree about ICs. Honestly I don't see any reason they can't be the 2nd best character in the game, though as far as reasonable skill application applies they'd turn out to closer to 4th or 5th. Concerning Wario vs Pikachu and Olimar, I'm definitely a little biased towards Pikachu's ability due to ESAM, though I think a ton of that is definitely the player carrying a pretty good character. In all honesty I dont even think Pikachu beats Snake, that's either even or slightly snakes advantage when played right. I think Pikachu and Wario are close at high level though, I dont blame you for questioning that opinion and now that I think about it, I dont think Pikachu will pass Wario either.

    So basically I've been converted to DMGism and will follow the ways of the gay, preaching the word. Once again, a good debate my friend :p
    Yeah lol. Although it's not so bad. Your post that made me laugh a lot actually kinda pulled me out of a bad mood today, so I'm glad for those people and for your posts :p
    lol well I am a pretty big TKD fan.

    Nah I can't drive, too young to get a license haha. Turn 16 this Friday, though :p

    If I could drive, I'd get to see my girlfriend and go to tournaments so much more haha

    EDIT: Oh thanks haha. I try and not be too bad online :p

    I've been trying a lot lately, actually, to train myself to automatically notice things, that way I can use my focus on the actual communicating of the insightful things there are to be noticed, so it's nice and reassuring to see someone pointing that out to me c:
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