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  • It's an MMO where you have attacks with hitboxes rather than targeting, but never mind haha. I looked up reviews and gameplay of it the other day. Great concept but terribly executed; you just mindlessly spam most stuff like you would in any other MMO. Enemy attacks are so choreographed it's silly - you can see punches coming from literally 3 seconds away - and "dodging" sends you flying at least 5 meters away from where you were and you can't alter that distance lol. Just another dumb MMO with pretty graphics.

    In short, regarding pretty much every online game out there you aren't missing much haha
    I've never heard of TERA. Right now I'm at my grandma's house and the internet is pretty horrible here, which means I can't do much of anything on it other than browse forums and stuff.
    I've been staying with my grandma, and I'm hoping to move out sometime around december. After that I'll get a job and start college again. I already have 3 semesters done so I'm not too far from halfway. What have you been up to?
    I've actually not played Brawl in months, and college is on hold right now since back in december my mom was diagnosed with cancer and she just passed away last month ^^'
    Ah. I haven't been as active in Brawl too since I've been going to college also. UofH Downtown for me. How've you been?
    Hey ding would you teach me how to play with link sometime beacuse i picking up all the low tiers characters and I need someone with link experince like you and you are a very good link too so if you can I would really appreciated
    Hey, just wanted to let you know, all of us Link mains have moved to the AiB forums. Post your vids there once you get them up. Also, a request from the Link community - don't post on the Link SWF boards anymore.
    Hey Ding, good games yesterday with me and fear.Incase you didn't know who "conka" is, well its me.
    Nice Link you got there, keep up the good work.
    sux you couldn't make it, but no one went anyway. a whopping 8 entrants! (i gotz teh 3rdz ;(
    oi, you goin to the PnT weekly tomorrow? friendly? we didn't get to play last time cuz i had to go so... uh, yeah. GO! (hopefully you see this before the actual tourney)
    Good games. I need to get used to wifi again I guess lol. I can't chain grab at all on it :p
    Hey man where in houston do you live? if you live anywhere near tomball/spring that'd be cool if we could get some regular smash play in, and god knows i need practice with brawl, lol
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