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  • If you really want to pick up Link, you should head over to the AiB Link boards instead. All the Link mains moved there after a fight with the mods. We'll gladly help you.
    Lol, calm the **** down.Even if you did have it you would of came so the school can close :cool:
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hit my funny bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bueno quisas es por que algunos son timidos por si dicen algo mal tu sabes a veces nos suele pasar eso y ami me da gusto ser tu amigo tambien jiji ademas quisas un rato alla me haga bien pero creo k seria bueno solo un poco para que no se preocupen mucho jiji espero que me den permiso tambien

    o claro quiero ir solo ocupo tu sbs desocuparme de la escuela y prever el tipo de cambio con eso hago un presupuesto y podre ir aunque claro dire adonde por que sigo viviendo con mis padres y se pueden preocupar asi que espero que me dejen ir jiji si no pues les dire que llevare mi celular yo creo k con unos dias estaria bien pero seria bueno notificarles

    o yes i would like it y si es como la distancia de aqui a culiacan sinaloa maybe i can go in bus for earn money but i would need to first know how much will cost from arizona to texas and maybe with a job i can earn money jiji i would like to see texas i was with a merely idea that is green in some parts and in another is a pretty open right

    o well here only i don't have the enought money for go to texas jiji you im from mexico but im a lil near very close in arizona the state of sonora and city nogales but arizona is near too texas but maybe for me will cost too much and for the study i can't go but i will graduade to soo in august or september jiji

    o is pretty good that and well also each lucas player have a proper style ok just focus in what you want and you will found it ok i do that for many choose that appears like many can do but doing that is diferent and proper of my own so animo Fear ok and trust in you in whobo ok o and take care of the swine flu ok i notice that in texas was notice about some people have it so use somethings for take good care ok o and two another things im happy and honored for be friends and enjoy it the whobo ok remember that you can learn too much from another players ok

    well no too much but i see that you are a friend of magitek and well i ...would like to be friends if you want of course jiji


    I suggest you stop spamming so much, Fear.

    Sooner or later, they will tell us something.

    *Takes Taks*
    Ill try and use either sonic or captain falcon tomorrow.Ill try to find my low tier as we play.
    its ot a matter of "where do i check". its a matter of, "who mains lucas in houston? im going to find them and beat them".

    so if i were you i would start with trying to beat and place better than kieth wit da teeth(pianodude) and nore. those are the only 2 lucas MAINS i know of
    You really cant do that. the way you determine who is the best of lucas(lets say) is to play ALL the lucas MAINS in houston and beat them. ALSO, place better than them at tournaments.

    Honestly, i could beat your lucas. But if we were to go all lucas in tournament, i would lose first round in winners and loser bracket. you wouldnt, you would do WAY WAY better than me. so whos the better lucas? the one who won the lucas ditto or he one who went the farthest in tourney?

    Well what I do is find the weaker opponents to get a streak going on.Then move on to the mid class which is in my level, and after that try out the higher opponents that have like 40 wins+ and like 5 losses.Also, dont play MK or snake opponents online D: unless they suck, because if you do, you will be beaten.
    Hey wats up
    yeah Im a Lucas main
    I also main Zelda and Sonic
    My secondaries are Wario, Pit, Ike, and Olimar
    We can battle sumtimes if u like
    my friend code is: 0001-2981-8851
    Wats yours?

    Its good.

    You can look for info and talk to people if you have any doubts.
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