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  • ****, I forgot to respond to this. :laugh:

    Mario won't be getting out of E Tier until we get more rep, he has very mediocre tournament results. And no, Sonic is ****ing horrible.
    lol I rofled during that episode.... wasnt there this big movie coming out for theaters?
    lol you really seem to really want to see halloween righ? you seem to mention it a lot on the boards XD. By the way was the last episode of ed edd and eddy? Or did the series ever end definatly? Because I look up on google and I get different responses. Knpwing your an ed fan I figured you must know....
    So ed whats up been scamming any new people lately? I hope kevin gets what he deserves XD lol but srsly hows life
    The beginning of the movie was really weird. Just made you think "What the hell happened!?!?" and when everyone arrived and were in torn clothes and pieces of their body gone, it just made everything hilarious XD Especially when Ed starting "driving" the car by running.

    Spam side-taunt, you win automatically.

    Have any luck finding a ROB?

    I think Olimar is back for Pikmin 3. That, or it will be another new guy whose name is an anagram/pun of a popular Mario character.

    Except he has a gyro, a combustible engine, and can float forever.
    It was hilarious when Rolf looked like he was going to pounce right at Eddy's brother, only to push Kevin in there though XD

    Sonic's just annoying like that. But that's what he strives at!

    Actually, it may be a while until Kofu can Brawl - he's been gone for about a week now, and he says he's on a hiatus from the game.

    I never liked the Pikmin games, so I did not know that, lol. I thought Olimar was going to be in Pikmin 3.

    ROB is just so awesome of a video game character, that he actually exists in the real world and plays alongside you.
    That really piques my interest then. It'd be fantastic if new episodes are being made. I kind of liked the ending, but then it just felt like the Cul-de-Sac kids forgave the Eds way too easily. =/

    I can only recall a Brawl with Camalange, Tenki, and Espy, so I'll have to look at the others. I'd like to know how I measure up - I'm one of the best on Serebiiforums, and I've changed my friends opinions of Sonic when I picked him up during college last year - they all thought he had nothing going for him except speed. And then by the end of the year, they groaned whenever I chose Sonic, and hearing them say "oh, **** you Sonic!" wasn't uncommon XD

    If you want to fight a good ROB, you should go talk to Kofu. He's the only ROB I play against, but even after a year of Brawling him, I still can't approach, let alone, fight him well.

    Olimar actually has 2, and a 3rd one is coming out. But that's not really fair to judge by the amount of games he's had- ROB isn't even in a game, he's just an accessory XD
    Coming back, as in new episodes, or just re-runs? And I've seen the Big Picture Show, but it was more plot-detailed than funny and random, imo. But it was neat to see all of Ed's past joke designs when he touched the joy buzzer.

    Yeah, but you're one of the better ones I've seen, when most of the others I've seen spam Spin Dash and F-smash all the time. I don't fight any serious Kirby's, except for one, I haven't played that person in a very long time, and I've improved a lot since then.

    I hate fighting Marth's, ROB's, and Olimar's the most. >_<
    It's a shame Ed, Edd, n Eddy is done and over. But I've got some of my favorite episodes recorded on DV-R, so that's something XD

    I play against only one other Sonic on wifi, or at least one that can take me down to one stock, so I'm trying to find some good Sonics to MM with. Just to see how I measure up. And I saw your video you put in the video thread, against that Kirby, and I think I can get some good practice with you.
    You like Ed, Edd, n' Eddy? So do I.

    You like Sonic and main him? So do I.

    I liked your attitude and humor I've seen from you, so I just sent the FR. Hope you don't mind ^^
    wii internet browser go on the wii internet store go to wii ware and it should be their
    You're getting better, but there's still a lottttt you need to work on. Especially with rolling.

    Not sure, why has Mario never been good in any game? I'll answer that for you. Mario IS good. Everyone else is just so much better.
    Yes. You just roll and AS.

    Sonic also has a ridiculously high learning curve. And with little reward, he's a bad character.
    It's not that I'm good at dodging, you're just predictable. For example, as Sonic, you do not use grounded Spinshot as an approach.
    Yeah, I played it. Fun stuff, I love how dark it is.

    And no, I main Mario. I just use DK for fun.
    Yes, DKC. Best game series I have ever played in my entire life. Donkey Kong games are my favorite.

    Resident Evil 4 is pretty good?
    I don't own many games nowadays, since they became more and more expensive. I play Call of Duty 4, all of my old Mario games, Melee, and DKC.
    Nintendo absolutely destroyed Sega, showing the true power that is Mario.

    But it would be cool playing people here on Mario Party.
    um i cant use the computer right now so it raises a good question how this is here im using the wii internet so i cant give links when i get on a computer i'll send if to you
    the thing i want is on myspace so its has to be on youtube and are you serious its has to be photo shop what does that site do vexi net[sorry for all the questions LoL]
    Mario Galaxy 2, a new Mario side-scroller, I think it's a remake of the New Super Mario Bros.
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