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  • I was never into RPGs, but I loved Superstar Saga, I finished it on a plane ride.

    What else was good? Super Mario World. Awwww yeahh.
    People liked Sunshine? I thought I was the only one, it was my very favorite Mario game. All the Mario platformers are good, I just loved the FLUDD mechanic.
    Sonic the Hedgehog.

    The title of the video game. THE first Sonic game.


    That is the game designers trying not to get reptitive.

    See for yourself, though I'm sure you won't like the werehog levels. You don't run fast!
    The Wii version is just bad, I made the mistake of buying it without waiting for the 360 copy to come in.

    How many people do you know have avatars of animals with video game character hats on?
    You haven't played it yet? If so, don't buy it for the Wii. Horrible, horrible version.

    I guess. Still, having a blue name + a Shiba avatar is hella unique, if you ask me.
    I like Sonic Unleashed because I'm running around. It also allows platforming/beat-em-ups with the Werehog. Cool game, bro.

    Why would I do that? It's a hassle to post every time. And what do I get for it? NOTHING.
    Well, I've played Sonic Unleashed.

    That's so tragic. D:

    I don't mind colors as much, just ridiculous pictures of Fawcks.
    I've never played a Sonic game.

    And no, I wish. ;____; I had a Doberman until he mauled me. Do you have any pets? And do you approve of Aqua's obnoxious font?
    Thanks a lot day day. This why I consider you and Sammy P my closest friends on the forums :D. I mean I have other great friends but you and him are my best ones on the forums. And anyways who doesnt like you ed antics :chuckle:
    Wow thats a lot to pay for a stinking application on your computer. Thats why I got GIMP. Its free and its the name of a smash bros technique XD
    Oh yeah. I suck balls with it but Im starting to get the hang of it... you know how long it took me to find out how to rescale images? It took me days and I still couldnt get it the right size. I found out that when you resize it there is this chain thingy on the right of the number and I have to click it to rescale it without changing the other XD
    Wow great sig man....... how do you make those kinds of backgrounds? All I got to go on are gradients and those turned out to be useless so I had to make my own XD
    Well you know my sig? Something unique like that but I the only kinds of backgrounds I know of are gradients.... I made a custom one and Im almost done. All I have to do is crop another picture, resize it, and paste it so I can show you. And its not gonna be pretty but its my first time so ya know :D
    Yay I finally made my own render!!! btw you wouldnt happen to know how to make a background right?
    Hmmmm rendering isnt that hard as it looks!!!! If I ever get to finish my sig Ill show you it before I put it up for critique :D
    Oh god those tutorials at planet renders are so complicated. I really need renders thanks for telling me that :D
    Yeah I mean the sig making.... so you know anybody who can teach me. All the requirements I need is that the guy uses GIMP or Photoscape
    btw day day before you make any more posts Id look at your statistics and look at the total posts youve made XD 777 votes XD
    Hey day day whats up? Do you happen to know someone who could teach me in the arts of banner making?
    Well you join. There is a list. If the dice rolls on you you lose and have to replace your avi, sig, and icon to pikachu or not you forfeit and cant play again...... I wont change my sig mostly because I wont post it :chuckle:..... but the avi is cool right? XD well anyways the guy gives you questions and if you answer them... I mean google them XD you get protection or other goodies for the next roll. If you get a shield or whatever next time it rolls on you you wont get infected with the "pikavirus"
    But what I mean is that I was in the pikachu survivor game and I was one of the first to lose XD..... someone used an item on me T_T.... anyways I started thinking and I saw that I am usually the ones to lose at games of chance.... especially since I was picked twice to lost but thank god I had an immunity to loss or whatever and survived each time XD
    I dunno like maybe....... one of those games of luck. Where you gotta roll the dice
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