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  • Hm Probably not. They'll most likely test it just to make sure your not going to pull a fast one on them lol
    But do you know if you can sell them a red ring of death inflicted Xbox? Do they test it when you sell it?
    I dont know but I got a whole shelf full of two rows of them so its lets see... RvS 2007, 2008, Res evil 4, dbz burst limit, BK poket bike racer, Gears of war 1&2, Call of duty WAW, Spider man 3, History Channel's Civil War, Guitar hero 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, UFC undisputed, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero world tour... I know I got a lot more but thats all I can think of right now
    And by the way will gamestop buy an Xbox 360 that is broken with the red ring of death
    Yeah Im thinking of buying heartgold and soulsilver before platinum. Sounds like its worth my time... lol I thought it really was like 500 dollars. lol thanks for the price and I think I might sell my 360 because the ****ing red ring of death is really annoying. By the way how much do you think I could sell gamestop a game like resident evil 4 for? because I have ALOT of games for it and I need to clear my inventory so I can buy it
    Right thing is that Ima still a minor so Im sure I cant get a REAL job yet but I have a job with my dad (hes got a company) so I get 100 dollars a week. I have about 300 dollars right now so lets see a wii at gamestop costs about 400 plus a 60 dollar game is 460 plus about 20-30 dollars for the nunchuck (yeah I cant play brawl without the nunchuck) is 490. The bad thing is that my dad still owes me 300 dollars so Im basically in the broke in the bank with 10 dollars.... so yeah

    and yeah platinum is DP with more stuff. You can get all the pokemon, you can get more legendaries... well I forget what it has but its awesome
    Im thinking on saving up for either a wii or a DS mostly because I really want Pokemon Platinum. But I think I might go with the wii and when I get it Ima gonna get Brawl first
    Day day you dont know how much Id love that but I dont haves a wii. I usually play brawl at my friends place. But I remember all the years of melee though on my gamecube.... good times with meteor smashes
    haha i just thought it was funny the first time i heard someone called G&W gay and watch so it stuck xD

    i will definitely have a looksee!
    i like to use oli, DK, gay and watch, ness, wario, and i also wanna learn to be good with the pokemon trainer
    yeah THAT beezy!

    oh fasho! youll probly whoop my *** hahaha but im down!
    haha yeah ed edd n eddy was my favorite cartoon network cartoon back in the day... i hate jimmy and her stupid friend i forgot her name, ed's sister, and my fav character was ROLF or however you spell it ahah

    yes yes olimar in the hizzouse, i suck D: but im getting better
    Samus is good man. If you can have a little more practice, your samus could be one of the best. LOL. The Lighting and Assist Trophy, I thought you were going to survive.
    Few questions:

    U live in NY?
    Do you have a yahoo account? I draw pictures of ed edd n eddy and i can only send them to yahoo.

    That episode with the canadian squirt gun, lol. double D was bugging out remember?
    The one where everyone thinks double D is beating everybody up and he fights jimmy in the end, lol. what's urs? Your sig is from the episode where kevin gave him that fake quarter ans eddy bit it right?
    So where do you live, so I can get some idea of the lag. Well anyways, wifi isn't good for Sonic but if you can't get videos or something I guess that will do. Message me your FC when you have time to play. If I'm on I'll message you back.
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