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  • I'm friends with Dakota Spillman he told me to message you to get the address of hte smash fest I was thinking about coming by and playing some smash tonight
    I see you're checking out the CF critique thread
    I know you don't like random people talking to you but I was just wondering if you could maybe share some insight into how exactly you play and how you abuse certain things.
    As in, if you could talk to me about Fox that'd be really cool, that's a changing metagame for me and I'd love to hear your opinion.

    I understand if you don't, but I'd really appreciate it if you did.
    Thanks for your time.
    That's an amazingly creepy wallpost.

    I added you on AIM.
    Host a tournament in Texas so I can have an excuse to drive through TexArkana.
    hey david, my name is sam, i'm also a falcon main in both melee and brawl. I was unable to attend pound 4, which I was really hoping to get to so that I get to meet you and also learn from the best :)! My dream is to become your predecessor and to be or close to being as good as you are. My alias in future tournaments will be Darkflame (cuz your my hero :p) and I really hope that I can play and train with you in the near future, could you contact me on my email address of soccerchampsam@yahoo.com as soon as you get this message?
    P.S. I'm so happy that your now THE best falcon in the world since you beat SS XD!!!!!!!!
    Who are you teaming with in Georgia?

    I'm going and am partnerless...
    So the doubles finals were recorded through my vcr but whoever hooked it up didn't send any audio jacks to my vcr so the finals don't have any audio.

    Is there some type of music you want me to add to the bg or do you want me to leave the audio blank when I upload it?

    I'd thought I would let you decide XP
    there are tables for12 tables for 24 tvs and and two tables for regestration including the 8 tvs on stands previded by the college
    hey man, is there any chance still that you can cancel your event and high tail it up to ours? maybe even bring some of your numbers with you.

    i fought for a different date for like a month, since i can't hold it any later than Aug. 2nd (which is smash and coffee), they allowed me to take the 26th in place of a different circuit event.

    so you'd have free h ousing (i know you usually don't take it, but its there), as well as you'd most likely win a large tourney, and get some points for the season if you'd do more of them
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