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  • Hey man, I'm gonna be in town for the summer and trying to find the melee scene, how many events are ya planning May 10th --> forward?
    We're doing something new . We're now doing weeklies. Come out to Pew Pew Card and games every Monday night and show us your moves.
    Hey I am from KC. We should play smash sometime.
    THat sounds awesome. What games do you play? I play them all to a certain extent but I'm only semi-good at PM. We are actually having a get together at my friends house tomorrow. I'll let you know more details later tonight, like the address , time and stuff like that. Also, if you have a Facebook you should join KCMO Smash Bros for more information about the local scene
    If you live in the Kansas City area. You should come out the Di or Diem 4: Carpet Diem.
    Hey if you are from Kansas City, Mo and like to play smash bros of any kind then check out the KCMO Smash Bros Facebook page.
    Hey, I saw you posted in the 4HYPE! thread. What area are you in and which game do you play? Both Melee and Brawl are pretty active and I could help you find the right group of people for events
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