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Recent content by T-Murder

  1. T-Murder

    DI or Die: Macho Madness 4ever Ft. Bobby Frizz

    Are you ready for the fourth installment of Macho Madness-Macho Madness 4ever.? We've got PM, Melee and 50%, more choke slams than ever before. You like doubles? KCSB is hooking you up with that too. Just remember "The Sky's the limit" and we're the cream of the crop. RIP Macho Man! Confirmed...
  2. T-Murder

    Midwest DI OR DIE: Macho Madness 2

    Oh yeah so hyped for some macho madness this events the Cream on the crop
  3. T-Murder

    Midwest Kansas City Onslaught

    A picture of the venue e
  4. T-Murder

    Midwest Kansas City Onslaught

    Do you like smash? Actually, do you like any fighting game? If you answered yes to either of the previous ,then this is the event for you. KC smash Bros ( the people who brought you DI or Die and the Kansas City Classic) are working with the KC SRK to bring you our best event yet. A day full of...
  5. T-Murder

    Midwest [Jul 25, 2015] DI OR DIE XVII: THE FINALE! $500 IN POT BONUSES! Ft. Strong... (Louisburg, KS)

    We will now have smashlab as our secondary streamers for day 1. They will be streaming 64 as well. But don't fret NLS will be the main stream staff.
  6. T-Murder

    (Updated 5/6/15) Midwest North 2015 Circuits Melee, PM Sm4sh (WI/MN/NE/IA/MO/CO/KS/IL)

    The last I heard Lux's date was August 15th for the Circuit Championship.
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