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Recent content by danyal999

  1. danyal999

    How Do I Up Throw Up Air Correctly?

    Thanks a bunch! So I have C stick set to attack, but I use Up A to do Up Air anyways, so that wont affect my jump height right? Also, I switched my jump from Y to L, and with L jump, I can do what you said a lot more consistently now.
  2. danyal999

    How Do I Up Throw Up Air Correctly?

    So i've been a Bowser player for the longest time, even winning some locals with him. My game is pretty good but I still mess up my Up throw Up airs (KOO-PA'S if you wanna call it that). I thought that the percent ranges were just really small thats why I was messing it up, but after seeing...
  3. danyal999

    PPMD Plans a Gradual Return to Melee

    PPMD is washed now. Even if he comes back he wont retain his spot as a god
  4. danyal999

    Japan and the Middle East Collide at the Dubai Dojo

    "Currently the best Toon Link in the world given Hyuga's hiatus, placed 13th at The Big House 6, taking out names like Supergirlkels and Rayquza" Lol might wanna mention that he beat Larry Lurr
  5. danyal999

    How To Edgeguard With Leaf Shield?

    So i started playing MM about 2 months ago and i've become really good at using all his tools. I can short hop lemons properly and can footstool combo 99% of the time, raw, off tomahawks, off aerials, off glide tosses etc. But 1 thing I barely use is leaf shield. I don't really know what to do...
  6. danyal999

    Elegant AMA: "I think Luigi has a really good chance to be an upcoming character once again..."

    Luigi is **** he wont climb up the tier list. Free gimps
  7. danyal999

    Best Way To Cover Ledge Options As Tink?

    Besides trumping, what can Tink do to cover a good amount of ledge options and still be safe?
  8. danyal999

    Kamemushi Joins DetonatioN Gaming!

    I think Ranai can go. I believe civil war was slated for 2016 some time, and Ranai couldn't go, but they moved it to spring 2017 So maybe he can go now
  9. danyal999

    Kamemushi Joins DetonatioN Gaming!

    If he's not a full time salaried player then what is he? So he just gets money to go to american majors?
  10. danyal999

    The First Toukai Tournament for Super Smash Bros. 64 Has Been Announced!

    December 24th and 25th? Well RIP to any North American players coming.
  11. danyal999

    Cloud Vs Donkey Kong Matchup Help!

    Oh thanks for the tip I didnt know that. I have yet to be killed by a grab release but if I do i will definitely keep that in mind. But if they forward throw instead of grab release im screwed lol
  12. danyal999

    New Situational Kill Confirm??

    *BTW I don't play megaman that much, he's probably not even in my top 8. First you stick a crash bomb to the opponent. Then you grab them (facing the ledge), while the opponent still has crash bomb on them. Then the crash bomb gets stuck to you. Then you just hold the grab until the bomb...
  13. danyal999

    How To Escape Grabs and Grab Combos With Luma?

    I'm new to Rosa and I see that rosalina players always break out of grabs and grab combos because luma hits the opponent while Rosa can't move. This would be really helpful for kill confirms like ding dong. So what buttons do I have to press? Up air? Fair? Dair? Mash A?
  14. danyal999

    Master Hand 17 Preview: Japan's Best to Compete for a Trip to The Big House 6

    As much as I want Amsa to win its looking slim
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