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  • True, I hadn't really considered the new Pokemon because I'm looking at this backwards. I'm looking to the past when I should be trying new things. Thanks for reminding me of that! Also, I have some questions. In the fourth generation, have EV's changed in anyway? I've heard of some better places to train in the DS games. Also, do you know of a good and powerful pokemon that is like the Tyranitar of the future? I want to know some good Pokemon to train!

    Speaking of good Pokemon, I remembered when I was little and wondered why my lvl 70 Pikachu lost to a lvl 59 Machamp. Apparently, I had thought that higher level = win. Yeah, that was before I even looked at the stats section of my Pokemon. I learned more, and learned about life at the same time through the Internet. I'm going a bit off-topic for a while, but people at my school praise me as a prodigy. Whenever I am brought into the subject, like at Spanish class, people instantly say things like "Oh, he's a genius"

    I may have gotten a straight A report card, but I don't know if I am actually smart. I think I have grown from the Internet. I know I'm straying a bit off the topic of Pokemon, butI don't really think I'm smart. Compared to a 15 year old on these forums, I'm pretty sure I have similar intelligence to them. But the only reason I bother to learn is probably because I was raised right, but is it because of the Internet?

    I ask you this: Do you deduce that my normal internet intellect has come from just listening at school, or growing up with the Internet? Because I don't feel like the smart person everyone says I am. Even though I may speak like an intelligent 12 year old.
    I don't really bothered to learn about the 4th generation Pokemon because I wouldn't be able to get a DS. Hopefully, that'll change when they release THIS baby in North America: NEW DS

    Although, I probably won't be able to migrate my special, dear, lovable Rayquaza without the GBA slot. Too bad for those dreams. Although, I've heard they are gonna re-release gamecube games on it. That could mean Wind Waker and Twilight Princess could get onto the DSi! They already released it in Japan but not in America because...people are still buying DS Lites.

    I'm gonna borrow my friend's DS after I progress into my 4th Generation pokemon game so I can migrate my sacred Emerald Team. I'd get my LUGIA, RAYQUAZA, HO-OH, Salamence, Tyranitar, and my dear Dragonite. I LOVED the 3rd generation and I have 3rd generation gamecube games to trade from. Anyway, I have rare items which I use the clone glitch on in Emerald. I simply multiply my Sacred Ash and I'm ready for an adventure! Can't wait until they release the DSi in North America! I also have other legendarys which I will of course clone and trade, but I specially EV trained each of my pokemon. I even got rid of my Rayquaza's previous EV's to make it the PERFECT Sp. Atk Rayquaza. Can't wait to challenge people over Wi-Fi with him!
    *GASP* It's not nice to attack people with 2 page walls of text! Lol, just kidding. I'm gonna go check your massive post.
    Not that I know of. Unless you have sex with one of the admins, record a video and threaten his career by uploading it to the internet...

    If you can't do that, then well, you're ****ed.
    Sorry for being away. I did not draw my pictures of May, I just have my own connections to get them.

    Also, I'm a tournament organizer, which is why I have a blue name.
    Aw that does sound cute. ^^ But yea I guess that would be cool.
    I might of actually mained her because she was a girl and she was Fox's gf and I LOVE FOX. <3 haha. That sounds creepy. xD
    But anyways, I wouldnt get your hopes so high because I doubt they are making anouther SSB game, I saw an interview with the guy that made the game and he pretty much said he wasnt making anouther one.
    One that should be rather obvious I main Fox. xD I dont like Krystal. Haha.
    Fox is my man. He has soo many bad matchups, is so light, falls the fastest, but I still love him. HE TAKES THE BEST SCREENSHOTS BY FAR.
    (Plus Krystal isnt in brawl and this is a brawl site so idk.)

    But im used to people having ADHD, both my brothers and my mom have it, My only "close/true" boyfriends both had it, and my ex-bestfriend also had it. Haha so yeah, I learn to accept it.
    Yes we do. ^^
    Also thankyou so much for being so positive on my board and contributing to it. <3 You always put great thoughts and I love reading your posts.
    Yes, I know. I've seen your posts. They are thoughtful and useful knowledge to others.
    Anything's possible with the right amount of practice...the saying's true in both life and Smash.
    Don't worry about it, man - hope you feel better and get back to tournament shape soon!
    There are other threads that discuss items in Brawl and how it would change things in Tactical Discussion, so I locked the thread. As for getting better, I'd suggest playing with people that live near you or, worst cast scenario, there's always online.
    Ahhh. >_<
    My girlfriends on the phone with me right now actually. I can'ttttttt.

    Sorry. =(
    Any other time??
    kay. =P
    You can leave me a comment too when your ready, in case i forget. haha.
    I am? lol
    Oh yeah.

    Maybe we can Brawl tomorrow. =)
    Its really late here and I'm just trying to stay up. haha
    Lol, sorry, I can't play WiFi up here at college... Plus, I don't really like playing WiFi anyway. D:
    It's a bit harder to deal with as ICs when he gives you no breathing room, Couldn't get a single blizzard off. But that applies to Lucario as well. WHen you're as good as M2K, you're going to know how to avoid... well, everything.
    I think everyone has had the same mindset as you at one point.
    But yeah, I'm lucky enough to live in an area with many, many top players. I've gotten to play M2K a few times, and the only lame thing he did was spam tornado at one point against my ICs, saying "there's two of them!"
    That's because there are barely any combos in Brawl that go beyond 3 or 4 hits. Unless you count chaingrabs as combos (I don't). I guess you'll be happy to know that M2K does not play campy or "cheap" at all.
    I see where you're coming from, but I'll have to say that "fun" is a moot point. From the sounds of it, you won't like the tournament scene, because it will have a lot of "unfun" things, and end up forcing you to play in an "unfun" way.
    Well, combos barely exist in Brawl to begin with, and most of them are only a result of poor DI. Melee combos are in no way unfair at all, it was what the game was. That's like half the game, and to call it unfair is dismissing what the game is all about. And honestly, it won't work to your advantage. It's just a less efficient playstyle that everyone has encountered at some point. There are times of course where you don't need to camp and whatnot, but you need to be able to see when you need to (which happens to be very often).
    Oh, and just to add: Most players at tournament level won't only be ready for you to play dirty, they will be expecting it.
    My bad, but someone had to say it. If you want to be successful, eventually you will HAVE to fight dirty. It's just the way Brawl is. You sound like someone who would probably like Melee more, though.
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