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  • It would be cool if you came. Not sure if Houston is going at the moment...guess we'll see.
    might actually be helpful at this point in time, most lucs don't go to IRC, so they don't have a "back door". Nonetheless, I won't close it unless it gets out of hand.
    Hey dude, I'm sorry, my brother had to finish an essay on the other computer, so he exited out of my profile on AIM, so I wasn't "cold shouldering" you or anything like that lol.
    im on aim, I actually noticed I put zdud623 instead of zdude623 and I forget how to change it lol.
    moe said he'd pay you gas if we smashed at his house tuesday. and of course I had to ask. Acceptable? or no. Cuz I'm down for watever happens. Its up to you
    hey man want to do some friendlys right now? (i also main lucario and im tryin get better :D)
    Hey, not even sure if it was a Minnesota Wii, but.. I'm just checking around because I think it was...
    But anyway, did anyone from MN bring a Wii with a bunch of stickers on it to No Koast?
    Wondering because there were some replays saved on that Wii.. and I can't stand the thought of not seeing them again, lol.
    Do you think you could give a post on the Ness MU? That would be pretty helpful ^_^
    You beat Praxis + Kosmos, Hylian + Sethlon?
    Nice, I bet you would've done well too in singles if you didn't choke (then again that's sort of what happened to M2K, got pretty frustrated I heard).
    Good stuff.
    lol ur like the most consistent, well rounded procario I've seen, and the sad thing is that WC nor EC can claim u lol. Move to CA or OR or something, lol.
    Keep it up.
    go to z6.invisionfree.com/mnsmash sorry I didn't reply sooner, my internet has been down and I only get access when I go on campus.
    Hi so im sorry to bother you because im not even sure if im asking the right person but maybe you can help me. I've been to the st. thomas bi weekly once and since haven't been in awhile and i can't find any place that will tell me when the tournament is or if they are even still having one. I'm hoping there is one tomorrow but i from searching smashboards and allisbrawl i've found some archived threads of videos from you in the tournament (awhile ago tho). but basically if you know when there is another or know someone i could contact to find out that would be awesome.
    ps nice lucario.
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