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  • thanks C:
    remember to message me if you see me on skype, I don't check who's on when I log in lol
    Yeah if I go full schedule I'll graduate in the fall, but I'm thinking of extending my final two semesters into a reduced course load for money reasons
    School's the reason I haven't been able to talk lately lol
    it's practically a full time job atm as I crunch through the last few weeks of this semester
    Random chance screws me over... there was a 2+2+2 hole in the spawn area of the minecraft server i play on... spawn protected so you couldn't place or destroy blocks there... since the hole was so small there was only a small chance that anyone would spawn there... but i spawned in the pit of stuck almost every time...
    it depends on how many setups we have, i cant sacrifice the schedule of the tournament to donate one of mine for melee, but if youd like to bring one you can run whatever you'd like on it,and worst case if we REALLY are in need of it to help the brawl bracket would it be okay to alternate between the two? Im just concerned because we have very few setups and over 100 people coming it appears
    Sweet beans
    Oh and I bugged Aly about the sig again and she said she's giving it to you as a christmas present lmao
    I'll get it to you before christmas though don't worry

    talk to you on skype later
    yay finals week
    my computer uninstalled msn for some stupid reason and won't let me uninstall it -_-

    how's life on your end?
    I don't see you on the viewer list, are you watching it right now? I see in the log that you were banned, definitely wasn't me, was one of the commentators I'm guessing? It would say it's from me since they're streaming from my channel. I can't unban you unless I see you in the viewer list to click on your name.
    what's your twitch username? i don't think i did. I accidentally banned someone like an hour ago from a misclick but i immediately unbanned him
    Last I saw it Aly was painting the bg. I haven't asked her about it in a while so maybe she finished or is close and forgot about it.
    Damn man, I'm sorry to hear that :(

    I've got all mine safe in my desk haha. Somehow I have two Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat books, I don't know how though.
    Actually I think Bill Watterson (author) said Calvin isn't really based on him, but iirc Calvin's dad is similar to Watterson's dad, and he got inspiration there. I agree though, he's definitely stressing the importance of imagination. Sad thing is, lots of kids nowadays don't even know what Calvin and Hobbes is =/.
    Yeah, that's what makes the series interesting in my opinion. It's one thing to have a childish kid, but something entirely more entertaining to have a childish kid who's conscious of his immaturity and just rides it, you know?
    Thanks for taking the time to read it, dude. And yeah, I've heard of Aesop Rock, but never really listened to 'em. Not a big fan of rap, but I'll give them a try. :)
    Okay well look at his post in response to me.

    Seems a little panicked, doesn't it?

    >using old memes
    >split sentences
    >using the same excuse that's been used for the last 3+ posts

    Anyways, I'm off for the night.
    Gnight <3
    Yeah America is #2 on that one.

    I love how he thinks he's won the entire debate and he criticises us of not bringing up arguments and points.
    Like he brings up any.

    At first he made me rage but then I lol'd.
    Yeah, like I said in my previous post there, I'm stopping already.

    He's obviously too stupid to admit any of his mistakes, or accept the fact that America isn't number 1 any more.
    You know me, you know what I was almost arrested for :) And it's not fighting.

    And I am too smart for that ****, that's why I didn't get in trouble while the 4 others with me did.

    Maybe I'll play smash again one day, but I'd be so bad lol
    Life's pretty eh, almost got arrested today. Yay me.

    And no, I don't play smash at all anymore. That game just frustrates me.
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