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  • yeah i'm heading down to a spawn point tournament this weekend i can't wait to try out some stuff i learned

    just hit me up
    thats good yeah so did i, i had alot of troubles with metaknight but i think i can take em now i can beat ophelia now so its not all bad XD i like 2 stock him almost now with kirby or wario so i'm gaining new tricks i just gotta be a little on my feet

    you heading to Road to Virdian? when the date comes?
    haha next tournament were at we should definitally team up cuz i like to find good metaknights for doubles XDD

    what place did you get?
    yup yup. dude, i had no clue you guys lived in the same place lol. next time i go to bridgewater for a bboy session with john and his crew, i'll definitely stay around for some smash :)
    dude that's great! good to see your improving, now i have to play you next time we go to the same tourney :p
    and yeah, john chen told me he played with you and stuff, do you live near him or something? >.>
    Good **** at Apex. Sorry bout teams. We should've beat Samurai Panda and Anther.

    My pool got harder with Kornnn and Malcolm being added and I played poor and didnt make it out btw.

    You going to terrabite Saturday?
    Yooooo seph I am partnerless for apex now. Ishei has Ap exams. If you wanna partner than hit me up. I am forreelz.
    You don't get it. I am always ready to play if I am not at school or tennis :)

    I will even play right now. :)
    Alright. No problem. I just need them under 3:00 or I need to hack my Wii.
    Yo lets wifi smore sometime. I have been playing good lately. Been playing against my friends lucario a lot trying to stop my useless shuttle loops (Dair ***** shuttle loop.) Hit me up on aim.
    no like i might need a team for apex not vc i told malcolm like forever ago id team with him i never need a vc teammate lol
    im teaming with MalcolmM if that is what your asking. but if u wanna play one day online that is fine. just aim me at mindgames2199
    I don't think anyone from NJLY except ryan and I sitll have people to play smash with.

    But yeah, definitely try to get over here sometimes, my ROB's probably so bad now lol. I can't beat ryan's diddy anymore, but I've only played him like 3 times, and I wasn't camping OS-style those 3 times, it was me trying to be like maxxxpower and getting owned
    Well, I found out that final may make the tourney round time extend to the 27th, which means that I would get my wii before the round ends and have an opportunity of playing you. When is a good time for you after Sunday if he does extend the time?
    Hey Crizthakidd, you are facing Mikeyquinn96 in the first round of my MK tourney. One of you should PM the other about when to fight (I'm sending this message to both of you). The first round ends on the 30th.
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