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  • like i said, im not commenting on the actual issue that incom brought up cus i can see both sides of that issue and havent really come to a conclusion that id be willing to defend about it.

    But youre acting like your (apex tourney committee) decisions and ideas are the same as everyone elses when its clear that your opinions matter more because you are the ones setting the standard that everyone that wants to attend your tournament has to abide by.

    You can say that youre not forcing your rules upon anybody else but you are, even if its not directly.

    Youre having this massive tournament. Everyone that has ever played smash is going to want to be there. and everyone wants to do well and play their best. how do you do that? you practice. And the best, maybe the only way to practice for apex is to use the apex rules. And whats the best way to practice for a large scale tournamet? to have a smaller tournament, and in order to practice in tournament the best way possible, you have to use the big tourney rules for your tournament.

    thats not even an assumption or an extrapolation. thats fact, and I know weve both seen it happen.

    so to say that youre not forcing people to alter their rules for your tournament, despite the fact that you really arent doing it directly, is still a huge cop out
    I cant understand how you can honestly believe that.

    Apex is going to be the biggest smash tournament ever, and everyone is going to it and wants to place high. So in order to train for Apex, many people are having tournaments EXPLICITLY to train/prepare for apex. Whats the point of have a tournament whose specific purpose is to train for apex and not have the exact apex rules to the letter. if you have a tournament like that and dont use the apex rules it takes away the point of said tournament.

    Youre acting like this doesnt happen. Like there isnt going to be at least 5 tournaments between now and jan with 'apex' in the title. People had pound preparation tournaments and genesis preparation tournaments all over the place.

    YOU Cris, and YOU alex strife arent saying tourneys have to be run by your rules.

    But the tournament itself is saying, if you want to do the best you can possibly do at this tournament, you had better practice with this set of rules.
    Oh is it? I didn't even notice. She's also super pissed she looks like she wants your soul in her hand or something
    I'd love to! Would you prefer to wait until I start up the Hoenn set, that'll be when I get more interest :)
    Yea haha, it does work for regular forum posts though. I've been using it for a while now =3
    Oh, you're trying that post color thing too?

    I think it only works on regular posts hahaha. I just tried it in the VM, it didn't come out.
    Thanks and sure you can use the pics from my page. Also if you're free the week before your tourney (aka on KTAR 5) you can come by and see the venue and stuff during the tourney for free for both Strife and yourself :D
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