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  • yea my bad i just realized i put the wrong sn on mario gd, instead i gave my psn LOL. my sn is : hippiedudeCM
    Uhm, just about anyone i guess lol
    And yeah, i got bored with one single color XD
    Just tell me when you're ready to play:bee:
    *Is on Wifi*
    *Hasn't used Lucas good in years*
    Sure ^_^
    If you can, i'm good to play anytime.
    Yes, even now lol
    I'm not sure......

    Your good. I'd like to play you again
    cuz I learned alot from your Mario
    i think wednesday, me, u n darrel need to duke it out n find out which of us is da beast from da east. evn tho i still consider yall west siders, HP
    we need to play a few rounds sometime, mario dittos are amazing:D.
    we really should play more :P

    I'm like 15 minutes away and unless im with my girlfriend i'm always willing to play lmao.
    I have retired from tournament play and stuff, I am a former Midland Crew member but none of them really do tourneys anymore either. We played a lot more before a ton of new people started coming to smashboards. Oh another thing, I played brawl for a while. Absolutely hate it. I refuse to play it anymore, Melee is still where it's at. I play Doc in melee, but i'll use fox when it counts, cause i'm a very good technical fox now-days, better than I was when I used to compete! The UP isn't very exciting, there are no compeditive players up here other than myself and As Money, who used to be Midland also. We're teaching newbs how to play currently.

    6 pm for smashies, then 8 pm for D&D, which will go till like... 10-12, then MORE SMASHIES!!!! bring 2 controllers if possible, we may both team with a scrubby person from D&D group =p
    never mind, I'm actually staying home, sleep johns. Come saturday at like 6pm or later lol
    yea it is gonna be on fridays, i mean THIS saturday when you come over to play smash we'll talk some things out lol. uhhh saturday atttt 6 pm or later should be fine, you can stay the night if ya want or go home, your choice. you have my address in your PM box right?
    It's ok so i'm the only person in the group so far that has ever played D&D and I'm picking up DM soooo we'll figure it out. I'll run over stuff saturday
    hey you! yea you!! with the face!!!!!

    hi, also, wanna do a weekly thing at my place where we play smash and a session of D&D 4.0, my friend wants to do a D&D campaign and I need people to play with us. also, it would be friday nights soooo you could stay the night pre tourney?
    heey dude
    as you know i am makin' a combo vid and i am looking for some people who can record some stuffs for me(cuz unfortunaly i have no recorder)
    would you mind to record some replays for me if you have a recorder, or a capture card??^^
    Yeah, we did friendlies at the last digi ops tourney(I played falco). And I was the melee smashfest where you saw the controller.
    heey ya dude^^
    it's been a while
    a question: i am working on my combo vid and still need the background music^^ any suggestions??
    thx in advance
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