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  • Just to clarify, you did see/look/read/glanced at/noticed my pm, right?
    eh, dk isn't that slow, his attacks actually come out pretty fast. like his uair, bair, and his tilts are all fast and pretty good. also up b OoS is pretty good. that and his throws are straight up broken =p
    as in to compliment your mario or because they're ****ing amazing?

    to go with mario, your worst matchups are sheik/marf soooo fox/falco would be good

    as a real good secondary you should pick up ness/G&W/yoshi. Or if you wanna be different you can use uhhhhh... DK?no one uses him here and he's not terrible
    hmm.....mgw is really kinda hard :(
    all i can say is : do not spam your fireball as hell! he can absorb it with his
    down b
    stay on middle distance so that you can punish him when he make mistakes
    try to use many spacing bairs, but don't get predictable with this^^
    beware of his bair
    don not cape his up b!
    hmmm sry dude i know this tips aren't good
    i don't like mgw :(

    maybe this will help:
    it's vato break
    kinda old this vid but still pretty good^^

    and against snake. i opened a thread on the mario boards
    check it out
    I assume you're playing as Mario?

    I did a writeup about Snake in the Mario Matchup Thread.
    woooooow ally was in that tourney???? how cool^^
    and congratulations dude, not bad man^^

    but yeah, mgw is annoying as hell^^ his ****ing bair!!!!
    ****, sounded important as hell.
    Very sorry dude.
    I was out cold.

    What was the matter?
    Since you last said that we might not be able to go, I had other stuff to take care of today.
    I still have time before I leave.
    If I didn't blow it, get back to me by 11:30.
    I might be getting a ride from scala and going friday, staying the night and leaving after the tourney, I'll call you if the plan changes.
    oh wow^^
    good luck than^^
    think you can save some replays fo me???
    how many people will join this tourney??
    hahaha thx^^
    but yeah it was a great feeling to win that tourney and to hear the audience^^
    in the first match i realized that the mk guy don't have as much experience in edgeguarding like me

    so i took my fav counterpicking stage lylat cruise^^
    i spaced him with bairs and fireballs and rack up damage with single aerials so that he can't punish me

    and th result of my technique was : he lost his first stock without getting any damage on me and died with a stage spike (or two i dunno^^)
    first out of..........128!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 128!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    of course i played with my beloved mario^^ he's my main after all
    i played against a mk in the grandfinals
    first match.....i got *****^^ but the second match on my counterpicking i ***** him^^ killed his first stock without getting any damage!!!! muhahaha^^ you had to hear the audience after i killed him x'DD
    omg it was so great^^
    and the thied match i won with my secondary marth^^
    yeah i'm doing well too^^
    won a biiiig tourney last week^^
    firstout of 128
    still can't belive it^^
    Also are you going to the tournament on Friday? Gimme your number 'll text the info to you.
    Alright Kool I'll give you my cell phone number when I get it either today or tomorow. So yeah, thanks. Can you give me yours in the meantime. And also. Congrats on a new main?
    I'd love to.
    I'm done with school until late August so I'm basically free to Smash and job hunt.
    In short, I'm up for today and Saturday, see you when you get here.
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