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  • Hey! Not sure if you remember me; we used to argue a lot back in the day about Krystal and Ridley (we worked it out though!). All of the hype and speculation before yet another Smash game brought me back to Smashboards after several years, and I just wanted to give a late congratulations on getting your most wanted character in. Krystal getting in as an Assist Trophy is a small consolation after all this time (at least she's there!), but I just thought I'd reach out now that the book is essentially written for now. It's all in good fun, though; hope to maybe see you on the Battlefield in the future!
    Hey Chrono! I did a reading on your Brawl and SSB4 analysis. I'm pretty impressed. And I am hoping to see another one for switch. I love you so much ♥
    Chrono, i don't want to annoy you,but i wish you could write an inspirational writeup about Iwata.The reason is because your writeups about Roy are the reason i grew up to like him, and i would love you could do the same about one of the most important people that existed in Nintendo and gaming as a whole. It's just a suggestion, you don't have to do it if you don't want, thank you for reading this in case you did.
    I saw the Roy leak. You might not know me but I know about you and that you are/were a spokesperson for Roy. Anyways I just want to say I logged in to congratulate you, you're the first Roy fan I remembered when I saw the images. I'm very sure these news made you very happy :).
    Sooo.. If Roy actually gets added to Smash4, could we expect one of your inspirational writeups to popup? :D haha
    Hi, can I get an invite to the Project R (and S): Space Pirates Never Falter! (and Sami needs moar re-inforcements) group?
    I know that it's been about nine months since you asked about this, but here's how you can get every character you support for Smash 4 on your signature and others you want to put in (assuming you have more than fourteen characters you support).

    Go to "Edit Option". Scroll down to where it said "Signature Display Style" and select either Scrollable or Unrestricted. That you, you can not only keep your Roy signature for SSB4, but also every character you support among other things.

    Hope this helped. :)
    I got my copy of FE5 today. Turns out it was a regular cart instead of a memory cart. "brags"

    I've also started to work on FE4, if you have any tips or character recommendations I'd like to know. ;)
    Tomorrow is Day 100 of Rate Their Chances on GameFAQs. Chrome and Liz will be rated.
    In regards to universal roster, you should talk to Oasis_S, a supporter of this idea, about it someday either in the SSB4 thread or by PM. You may come out of it with a different opinion (I personally didn't, but he did make some valid points supporting it and I think the console can handle 50 slots, it's just a matter of handling space).
    Don't you love how you publish an essay and the next thing that happens are the buzzings of a new Nintendo console? Talk about timing. lol
    I was recently veiwing your social group. The SSB4 Project one.
    I noticed it a long time ago, but now that I know you I am going to ask what exactly you meant in that opening statement. You are going to post a topic about SSB4, but I am confused as to what it will be regarding.
    Hey Chrono 2 things:

    1.) I don't remember how to connect on the internet w/ my DS. Care to help?

    2.) You got a Brawl code? I'll swap w/ you! (if you want to)
    I'll exchange Pokemon FC's with you hold on one sec.

    Here's mine:

    Wait NVM I can't find my Pearl. If I do I'll give you it when I find it.
    Interesting. Very interesting. Just checked out your write-up about the roster choices. I loved it. Do you mind if I put it up on the SSB4 blog? All credit will be given to you.

    All this talk about your SSB4 project in the thread has me (finally) curious about what exactly they say.

    I'm not asking for the whole thing (though if you sent it to me I would have no objections), but if I may ask... what is a general overview of what is in them?
    Hey, Chronobound! I posted a large wall o' text in the Smash 4 Project. I would like to know if it would be okay to be approved. You never really gave an answer...
    HI im new to the boards and IM WONDERING do i join by simply asking u or wat? if so then i want to join!!!! ...... but 1st 1 question what do u play? ssbm or ssbb?
    Hello I'm interested in joining your social group "Super Smash Bros. 4 Project Group"....
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