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    Choking In Tourney

    I've had the same problem where I seem to choke in tourney. One way I've learned to cope with this is by applying that pressure in training situations. I believe OMNY might have a video on tournament nerves and the advice on there really helped me. Ill link the video if I do find it.
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    Finally active on smashboards again :D

    Finally active on smashboards again :D
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    Smash Bros. World Cup - Writers Wanted!

    Sounds awesome! If you need any help with the 64 bit just holler!
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    First Official Shaq-Fu Tier List Released

    Man, voodoo was unfairly put in the lower teirs
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    Luigi Guaranteed Misfire Tech Discovered!

    Not sure if luigi-OP or if this is an April fools joke
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    Smash Island X: A Super Smash Flash 2 Tournament

    This is great! I love this this awesome flash game is getting the appeal it deserves!
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    San Antonio Smash 4 Thread

    Is there any way to technically analyze data on DI/vectoring? I mean I'd assume it'd be a hard task if even possible but I'm really just curious.
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    Evo 2015 Rules Finalized For Smash Wii U

    I agree completely. Evo is a testing ground of sorts that will determine how certain tournaments options will and won't work at a big tourney setting. This event will prob set the stage for the next year, and revisions and refinements may follow. Let's just hope to community can stand behind...
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    Evo 2015 Rules Finalized For Smash Wii U

    Damn this is crazy!!! Everything's finalized at least though! Sounds super hype
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    Paint art thread of ssb characters (Zeta)

    The source checks out. Ahaha, I won't be doing that. Really the main reason I am working on art SkillZ is for sprite work that I'm going to start doing for my games. This is really just meant to be a learning experience for me
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    Paint art thread of ssb characters (Zeta)

    Ahaha I know. It's pure garb :P I really have no interest in pursuing art, as you can see I have no natural gift for it. This is more or less just a fun little project for me, and I can also build up my skills. Nonetheless thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!
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    Combo Breaker 2015 Re-Announced

    Damn this should be really hyphe! I'll prob be obsessing over stream the whole time lollol
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    Which Smash Bros. Character are You Most Like and Why?

    :zeldamelee:/:sheikmelee:- I would say I'm like shiek/Zelda because I'm kinda of double sided in real life. Not so much bi-polar so to speak, but more or less I'm either one person or another entirely. :falconmelee:-falcon is a good character to describe me, because I can be very reckless and...
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    Why did you choose your profile pic that you have now?

    Being a puff player I feel like this profile pic best describes exactly what kind of puff player I am....
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    Nintendo should just release Melee on eshop.

    Yea, but what would the reaction be from everyone if they did that....
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