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Bullet Bill
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  • Hey Bullet,
    I've skimmed the boards for a while now, but only just saw your fest for this weekend! I live in Brighton, and it's pretty easy for me to get to Southampton. So just hitting you up to say that I'm up for anything else you do.
    I am a Senator still, so yeah.

    Might be best to do this kind of thing over PM though.
    You shouldn't get nervous...it's just trashtalk really.

    You know when everyone sees each other we're all gonna be slapping willies and hugging each other like we are best friends loool.
    I'm very calm lol.
    There has been no shift in my BPM.

    If anything it's you that will need to calm down lol.

    Will be good to see you as well, I will be doing my usual **** stuff.
    Ben stop lying on Tamoo's profile.
    You don't like him as a smasher and you are letting that affect your decision.

    You did the EXACTTTTT same with the drawn doubles thing because you did not like Me and Charles teaming together so you tried to make up a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT event which prevented us two from doing it.

    You can't host or manage anything properly for **** and you are so unprofessional in your decisions.
    Work on it otherwise I will **** you for that. :)
    Oh no, please don't get me wrong, I'm not that bothered about not being top seed. I just wanted to know why really. And plus, I always knew that this wouldve had to have been the tournament where I have to prove myself. :)
    I'm not one to hold personal grudges about things over the internet, I get along fine with prof when we meet up :laugh:
    In addition to the post that I made regarding the recording setup, can I also print it out and stick it next to the laptop or something? Cos I know not everyone will read it on here but hopefully they'll notice it there when it comes time to play their match.

    Also, you've probs already thought of this but it would be a good idea to print the stage lists, esp for doubles where the stage striking can get veeeery confusing lol. I could even do it for you, got free printing and anything to help the tournament run smoother:)
    hehe i never mained doc, your thinking of JkR the dude from iran.
    since that talk - 12,000 cpu ko's and the general destruction of my group this tourney i may actually make a placement! Hype came joint 7th with u so we will see

    you are commin to this ranbat ye?
    Ohh hey, only just saw your comment, you can apply for stuff like smash debater, tournament director, smash back room, stuff like that all in User CP and groups
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