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  • Alrighty then. I've already got a list of things I need to sew, and then moving, but I'll start on your hat when I have the time.
    hey man whats up ever got a new cell phone? Anyway i never told u a friend of mine up-loaded some videos of me playing him u should go to the rob video thread and check it out. They are ok matches they were friendlies so i made some mistakes but they are not big deals. Also in the Match were i am against a toon link i get a pretty awesome kill to finish him off
    the rear comment wasn't at you personally but as a hypothetical to most people who discuss Lucario in the forums these days.
    I herd u still play lucario, although you play moar snake nao.
    How's it going over thar?
    whats your cell number? i have been doing pretty well i took some time of brawl but now i am back. While i was gone zelda all the sudden started to suck this surprised me. i was talked into going to a tourney on oct 10th and my zelda is rusty so i was talked into picking up snake which makes me feel bad. i have some serious mk trouble.

    So you still main lucario? Also i heard you moved how is that going? meet any cool people or smashers were ever you are? I played m2k in a melee match he only one stocked me (he might of sd 3 times). Any give me your number i will give you mine and i will give you a call
    What? I'm online pretty much all day. I'm only marked AFK if I'm AFK or asleep (thus AFK). :V
    No, I didn't ask him that. He's been on a few times in #panterchat lately, though.
    Man, I remember when we used to talk. :(

    I had a little chat with Xiraco a couple weeks ago. He's really busy with work and such, and I told him about you loving his art so much. He was very happy to hear about that and wishes he could draw more, but he has so little time to.
    I REALLY hate to be the bearer of horrific news on such late, late notice:

    I have to make family johns for the weekend... I'm really upset about it. It's family that I see like twice a year because they live sooo far and since I'm moving, my parents really want me to see them.
    I really am sorry about this, I really want this tournament to be a success and the turnout to be great, and I really wanted to come. Unfortunately, my bad memory kinda cost it. I honestly hope this doesn't affect anything too hard.

    I still want you, me, and West to get together on Monday though and hang. We will do something before you and I move.
    Dude, what's goin on?

    You're rarely on AIM anymore, used to be on late at night like this! But hey, I need to talk about a few things for the weekend, so I guess we can chatter between this, or on AIM (I'm usually on till like 2-3 am), or... well, if it comes down to it, I'll break out my carrier pigeons. So, yeah....
    okie dokie.

    My parents went to Lake MI and I found where the Wii was hidden so I played it for about an hour ^_^

    Brawl is surprisingly fun, people hate on it too much XD


    Where have you been? Come on AIM more. Call me (574) 527-0482.

    Let's Smash or something.

    I heard you have a tourney coming up, I'll look it up in the Midwest forum. We need to Smash together again. I haven't been able to play the Wii in like a month since my parents are being ghey, but they're going to Lake Michigan tomorrow so I could go there/you could come here and ... oh wait you can't come here unless you bring your Wii, lol.

    But yeah, we need to do something sometime.
    So.... have you noticed that we are the only two NON-Ohio people in the MWC group?
    Bloodhawk! I wanted to play you at the tourney, you seemed quite chill!

    You need to go to the tourney in terre haute on the 30th, although maybe not cause I was planning on winning that thing! Also, we need to practice some this summer, and if you ever need a teammate just let me know. Wish we could've gotton some friendlies or a one dollar mm in, I watched your set vs AZ and it was good stuff.

    Also, you have any interest in forming a panel/making some indiana power rankings? Seems fun to me. Good stuff and hopefully we can play sometime.
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